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Questions to ask a private seller

Date: 20.06.2016 Views: 2070 Comments: 0
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Below are some useful questions to ask a private seller before you purchase the car. We don't recommend buying a car that has been in an accident or that comes without a service history.

1. When did you buy the car?
2. How many previous owners?
3. What is the current mileage?
4. Who is the Owner?
5. Has the car been in any previous accidents?
6. Has the car had any major repairs?
7. Are there any repairs needed now?
8. What's the mechanical condition of the car?
9. Where and how regularly the car has been serviced?
10. Are the service records available?
11. What is the reason for selling?
12. When was the last emission test done?
13. Is the car drivable now?

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