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Sale 1929 Chevrolet Capitol Series LP Panel Panel 1-Ton Truck

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US $15,655.55

Body Type:Other
Model:Capitol Series LP Panel
Drive Type:RWD
Number of Cylinders:4
Engine:171 CID OHV four-cyli
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Exterior Color:Blue
Sub Model:Series LP Panel 1-Ton Truck
Interior Color:Black
Trim:Panel 1-Ton Truck
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Trianon Blue
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Interior Color:Black
:“This extremely rare truck was donated in pieces to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California about 1994. A decade later, it was purchased through eBay from the museum, still in parts. The current panel body was crafted by Wheels of the Past in 2008 and was completely restored and painted in 2017 with a total cost of over $50,000! The bodywork is straight and solid and this truck has some gorgeous woodwork inside. Note that there are no wipers on this truck. The truck’s black bumpers look good and there is a driver’s side-only taillight. The battery under the floorboards looks good as well and we recently had the starter rebuilt by the best in the business. There’s a full-size spare tire under the cargo area. Inside the tri-colored cab works well – brown vinyl pre-bucket seats, tan door liners and the Trianon Blue metal dashboard but the speedometer is inoperable. The pair of dark brown seats look great and there’s a pass-through to access the spacious rear compartment.”
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $15,655.55
Car location: Fenton, Missouri, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 7.10.2021

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1929 Chevrolet Capitol Series LP Panel 1-Ton Truck
Vehicle Information
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Trianon Blue
Four-speed manual
171 CID OHV four-cyli
1929 Chevrolet Capitol Series LP Panel 1-Ton Truck
•Excellent advertising jewel with vibrant color•One of the last 130 Chevrolet 1-ton trucks to get four-wheel drum brakes in 1928•Same owner for the past 16 years•Final model year for 171 CID engine•Truck donated in pieces to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California around 1994•Purchased via eBay from the museum in 2004, still in pieces•Truck’s body created by Wheels of the Past in 2008•Truck repainted in Trianon Blue over black wings in 2017•More than $50,000 total invested in this restoration project•Half moon sliding windows•Brown and tan interior with custom bench seating in the rear•171 CID OHV four-cylinder engine•Four-speed manual transmission with 3.82 gearing•Tilt-out windshield and cowl lights•124-inch wheelbase
Are you a small business owner looking for a unique way to advertise your company? What about a rarely seen Chevrolet Capitol Series LP panel truck that has huge side panel real estate to advertise your business in the most possible unique way! Plus, you have to love and adore the half moon sliding side windows!
Chevrolet rolled out a new one-ton series truck in 1928, the LP series. This example is one of the final 130 examples to receive four-wheel drum brakes in 1928. Another new feature on this series was a four-speed manual transmission.
This extremely rare truck was donated in pieces to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California about 1994. A decade later, it was purchased through eBay from the museum, still in parts. The current panel body was crafted by Wheels of the Past in 2008 and was completely restored and painted in 2017 with a total cost of over $50,000!
This example was repainted in its Trianon Blue over black wings in 2017. The paint and trim are in overall excellent condition. The black, rubberized roof, running boards, fenders and radiator make for a great contrast to the main body color. The horizontally split windshield and lights look great, including the faired-in cowl lights.
The bodywork is straight and solid and this truck has some gorgeous woodwork inside. Note that there are no wipers on this truck. The truck’s black bumpers look good and there is a driver’s side-only taillight. The battery under the floorboards looks good as well and we recently had the starter rebuilt by the best in the business. There’s a full-size spare tire under the cargo area.
This truck rides on Firestone Deluxe Champion wide whitewall tires, size 6.00-20 at every corner. Each tire is mounted on a wooden spoke wheel with a chrome center cap. The tires and wheels are all in good, original order.
Under hood is a 171 CID OHV engine; 1928 was the final model year for this engine. The engine is backed by a new-for-1928 four-speed manual transmission with a 3.82:1 rear end.
Inside the tri-colored cab works well – brown vinyl pre-bucket seats, tan door liners and the Trianon Blue metal dashboard but the speedometer is inoperable. The pair of dark brown seats look great and there’s a pass-through to access the spacious rear compartment. There are floormats present (this is a work truck, after all) and a gorgeous wooden headliner that stretches back to the dual rear cargo doors. The standout features are the dual wood benches that line the cargo area.
If a classic truck with a large cargo area that looks like a custom-made paddywagon sounds appealing, you should make some time to check out this Chevrolet 1-ton Panel Truck. Stop by MotoeXotica Classic Cars today to check it out.
VIN: T[hidden information]
This truck is currently located at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Current mileage on the odometer shows zero miles. It is sold as is, where is, on a clean and clear, mileage exempt title. This is a 1928 model year truck but sold as a 1929 on a California State assigned ID.

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Stock Number: [hidden information]
VIN Number: T[hidden information]
Model Year: 0
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1929 Chevrolet Capitol Series LP Panel 1-Ton Truck•Excellent advertising jewel with vibrant color•One of the last 130 Chevrolet 1-ton trucks to get four-wheel drum brakes in 1928•Same owner for the past 16 years•Final model year for 171 CID engine•Truck donated in pieces to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California around 1994•Purchased via eBay from the museum in 2004, still in pieces•Truck’s body created by Wheels of the Past in 2008•Truck repainted in Trianon Blue over black wings in 2017&nbs

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Fenton, Missouri, United States

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