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1938 Packard Model 1601 For Sale

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US $12,000.00

Model:Model 1601
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Sedan
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $12,000.00
Car location: Newton, Iowa, United States
Last update: 5.10.2021

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Here is a rare gem ready for your consideration. It’s a 1938
Packard Convertible Eight model 1197 with 127” wheelbase. This car does come with a clean
up to date Iowa title. Originally this car had a black exterior but now that
some body work has been completed it is sitting in self etching primer.
Previous owners replaced some sheet metal in the trunk area, but the rest of
the car is all original metal. It does have some minor rust in the running
boards that can be easily repaired. This vehicle was originally equipped with a
straight 8 motor, but the motor is no longer with the car. The transmission
however is still in the vehicle. All the parts not currently on the car are
supplied with it and believed to be all there. All the chrome, emblems, gauges,
etc. will be provided. The convertible top frame is in good shape, but it will
need to be recovered. We have some history on the vehicle of the last 3 owners
of the car and it has not been out in the elements much. This Packard would
make and excellent restoration project. Please contact me with any questions or
to set up and appointment to view. Many more pictures are available upon
request.We do our best to
present all vehicles as honestly and accurately as possible we cannot guarantee
all of the information contained herein. This site and all advertising
information may be updated without notice whenever new information is obtained
and may contain mistakes and inaccuracies. Vehicle may be removed from the
listing without notice to perform a local sale. Information is provided to the
best of our knowledge and we make no warranty or representation regarding the
accuracy of such information. We cannot be responsible for any errors,
omissions, or inaccuracies contained in information provided. We are not experts
in the construction, metallurgy, engineering, finishes, materials, and
componentry of every single vehicle manufactured. We do not disassemble
vehicles or components for inspection purposes and therefore it is always
possible that there is hidden damage that is not readily apparent. We cannot
guarantee the fitness of any components beyond a visual inspection. We do not
perform internal examinations, so we cannot guarantee the condition of unseen
internal components of mechanical equipment. Buyer should personally inspect
the vehicle and satisfy himself as to its mechanical and cosmetic fitness. We welcome
inspections by Buyers and/or third parties who wish to undertake such
examinations at their own expense. No warranty or representation regarding
mileage unless otherwise stated. Listed prices do not include additional fees,
state, federal, or local taxes, or shipping and delivery costs. It is the buyer’s responsibility to
inspect and there are no warranties, expressed or implied, involved in the sale
of this motor vehicle.

Contact Details

Newton, Iowa, United States

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