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1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club1941 Cadillac Club

US $42,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Coupe
:“346 cubic-inch L-head Monobloc V-8,Three-Speed manual gearbox,Desirable top-line Series 62 Deluxe trim,Original factory-option radio, heater, and wheel skirts,Well-maintained older restoration, finished in attractive colors..CCCA Full Classic, suitable for touring enjoyment.. Drives very well..”

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Sale Price: US $42,500.00
Car location: Maidstone, Ontario, Canada
Last update: 19.01.2021

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The stunning single-model-year turnaround that led to the production of the 1941 Cadillac -- one of the most elegant automobiles to ever roll off a GM assembly line -- is well documented. Contemporary for its time, the '41 Cadillac's elegantly shaped bodies remain as attractive today with car collectors and enthusiasts as they were with new-car buyers more than 60 years ago. For the 1941 model year, three different wheelbases were utilized in seven different series, with both subtle and not-so subtle differences among series models. Focusing on the more popular Series 62 Deluxe Coupe, it's somewhat surprising how many parts and accessories are available for owners performing maintenance or restorations. And because a large array of mechanical and trim items were used throughout multiple years, plus when you factor in their well-constructed steel bodies and durable mechanicals, restoring one of these majestic beauties isn't as difficult as you might think. ENGINES
The V-12 and V-16 engines were no longer part of the Cadillac lineup by the time the 1941 models began rolling off the assembly line. The standard power plant was the V-8 that had been first utilized in select 1936 models. While carburetors and compression ratios varied after the engine was introduced, most of the overall internals did not. This includes the 3.50 x 4.50-inch bore and stroke, three main bearings and the use of hydraulic lifters which gave the Cadillac the distinction of having smooth and whisper-silent engines. By 1941, the compression ratio jumped from 6.25:1 or 6.70:1 to 7.25:1, with fuel delivered via Stromberg or Carter carburetors.Runs and drives like a new car!!346 cubic-inch L-head Monobloc V-8Three-Speed manual gearboxDesirable top-line Series 62 Deluxe trimOriginal factory-option radio, heater, and wheel skirtsWell-maintained older restoration, finished in attractive colorsCCCA Full Classic, suitable for touring enjoyment

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Maidstone, Ontario, Canada

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