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Sale 1947 Diamond Reo COE

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1947 Diamond Reo COE

US $7,600.00

:“Vehicle is in great shape but needs some work before it can drive down the road”

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Sale Price: US $7,600.00
Car location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021

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Up for Auction is a 1947 Diamond T COE truck. Truck is in great shape as you will see from the pictures. Truck is very complete the only two parts the truck comes with that aren't pictured are the engine cover and the Diamond T crank hole cover but I have it and it's in good shape. Otherwise again use the pictures to get an idea of how complete the truck is. The doors open and close as they should and the truck has its original Hercules inline 6 cylinder and two speed rear end. The truck already has the much more desirable wheel set up than you will see most of these trucks come with, front wheel is 19.5" and rears are 22.5" and all of the tires are in good shape. No need to do a costly conversion to get rid of the old split rims. Truck has recently been running and still fires but the carb needs some work. Windshields crank out as intended, you'll see the gauges are in relatively good shape and all there, the grill is in excellent shape with the only area needing attention is on the center piece but still in restorable condition. The seats are ready to go as they are and I have the floor pieces as well as the center engine cover. There has been a good amount of work done so far on the truck and wouldn't take much to get it road worthy or a perfect candidate for a full restoration as there is no rust to or major body damage to contend with. You'll see the front bumper even has the diamond plate step pieces that are often missing. I do have the truck listed locally and reserve the right to sell early. If I have a serious local buyer I will message the highest bidder at the time prior to pulling down the listing and give them warning and an opportunity, I won't just pull the listing. A deposit of $500 is due within 24 hours as stated will full balance due in 7 days unless you make other arrangements with me. Truck is available for local pick up, I will help a shipper the best I can or there is a chance depending on where you live we can work out something and I can deliver. I can also be a bit flexible if you are setting up shipping but again unless we have set something else up I would expect the truck to be picked up within 14 days of the end of the auction. Please feel free to ask any questions and look luck! Clear title

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Stevens Point, Wisconsin, United States

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