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Sale 1948 Morris Minor Coupe - Rally edition haha -

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1948 Morris Minor Coupe - Rally edition haha -1948 Morris Minor Coupe - Rally edition haha -1948 Morris Minor Coupe - Rally edition haha -

AU $7,000.00

Body Type:Coupe
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Car is in very good condition and driven regularly”

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Sale Price: AU $7,000.00
Car location: Inglewood, Vic , Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 4.03.2021

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I love this old girl, she makes me smile and it is just a joy to drive. I just have this itch for more power and a sense of overwhelming guilt modifying her too far from original.
Something a little different. A standout example of a split screen Morris that sounds and looks great, I mean it won't get you anywhere particularly quickly but sounds like it could.
This old girl has had the following improvements and inclusions.
950 motor from a 1000 series12v electrics upgradeAlternator upgradeElectric fuel pumpMild camFast steering rackFront disc brakesTwin SU carbsCustom exhaust which terminates through the boot. Original unmolested boot also included.Over the top air hornSAAS racing harnesses, you can wear the lap belt without the harness.4 speed gearbox
Everything is functional and I drive it a couple of times a week to Bendigo (80klm round trip) and to Melbourne every other month (480klm round trip)This is turn key and enjoy, cars of this era are essentially projects in themselves but it is being driven and enjoyed regularly.
The other
Paint isn't perfect but it is consistent, it has character and a couple of stickers haha. There is however no rust issues, a few little surface cracks but like I said, she has character and the patina is appreciated by many.The paint and stickers can be removedHorn button to be replacedVery low at the rearSU carbs are running rich at times and need to be adjusted
Extras include
Spare diff for highway speedsOriginal bootOriginal chrome bumpersAll new carpet in grey colour
She is insured for $12,000 however value is highly influenced by perception.
Club reg non transferrable. Pre 1949 cars that have not been modified do not require a RWC.
Happy to assist with transport interstate

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Inglewood, Vic , Australia

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