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1950 Chevrolet Other Pickups1950 Chevrolet Other Pickups1950 Chevrolet Other Pickups

US $6,300.00

Model:Other Pickups
Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $6,300.00
Car location: Audubon, Minnesota, United States
Last update: 28.03.2021

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1950 Chevy Pickup Truck-This truck has been stored in a barn since 1978. It was taken out of storage last year and cleaned up. The head was rebuilt. This truck starts up super quick, faster than any other that I've had. I have driven it only about 5 miles around my small town. The tires have flat spots from sitting so its a bumpy ride. It's unbelievable how much original paint it still has. All the gauges still work. Headlight work. It's very solid overall but there is a small spot on each lower kick panel. The original door seals are still mostly there. Clear title in hand. If you have any questions or for a shipping quote call me at [hidden information] I reserve the right to end the auction early for a local sale

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Audubon, Minnesota, United States

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