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Sale 1950 DIVCO 300

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1950 DIVCO 300

US $5,800.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“"Untouched Original Condition" Mostly Complete and Ready for Restore...”

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Sale Price: US $5,800.00
Car location: Mechanic Falls, Maine, United States
Last update: 2.10.2021

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REDUCED $2500... Up for sale is a mostly complete 1950 DIVCO 300 C series truck. Really neat little truck of days gone by. I am not sure of the year and bought it as a 1950 but if any of you more knowledgeable Divco enthusiasts out there know the actual year any information would be appreciated. It is mostly completeand needs a full restore but it is very difficult to find original untouched model these days. Original 6 cylinderpowertrain is still intact. Doors are good but right side rear door needs attention as the picture shows. Main frame does have a couple of rust out areas which will need re-fabrication. Take a close look at the pictures as they show the overall condition well. As decals show it was formerly a "Rainbow Dairy" milk delivery van. If you look close at the hood the M I and L K are still visible on each side of the engine hood. Front drivers tire does not take air and rear rim has separated from the wheel mounting plate. Truck is currently located in Mechanics Falls, ME, USA and is being sold with a lien free "Bill of Sale" only(no title). Can assist with shipping if needed and provide temporary storage pending pickup arrangements by successful bidder. International bidding is welcome provided you are prepared to pay the extra costs related to shipping overseas. Deposit of $500, via PayPal, is due upon completion of the auction with the balance by bank transfer within 3 business days. This truck is for sale locally so I reserve the right to cancel the listing prior to its scheduled ending date. Thanks for looking...

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Mechanic Falls, Maine, United States

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