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Sale 1950 Jaguar Mark V

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1950 Jaguar Mark V1950 Jaguar Mark V1950 Jaguar Mark V

US $16,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Number of Cylinders:6
Body Type:Sedan
Model:Mark V

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Sale Price: US $16,500.00
Car location: Wilseyville, California, United States
Last update: 2.03.2021

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1950 Jaguar Mark V, 67980 original miles acquired by the owner in Early 2000's. Designed before and during the war by men who had built the Mark 4 and smaller Jaguar cars before the war, it had the swoopy front fenders and fine profile of all Jags to date which were discontinued on the future Mark 7. The first Jaguar featured independent front suspension, hydraulic brakes, fender skirts. The first specifically designed to be produced in both Right and Left Hand Drive configurations, disc centre wheels, sealed headlamps, and flashing turn signals for American market.The Engine is an in-line six-cylinder 3500 cc engine with two SU side-draft carburetors and a four speed manual transmission.The previous owner had 4 Jaguars and had begun a mild restoration for his wife when she passed away. The car restoration was stopped by the previous owner. Interior headliner, Dashboard varnish are original finish.Seats were redone in Naugahyde due to Southern California sun and heat. The car was kept in a Thousand Oaks garage since the early 1970s. Removable parts were re-chromed and were stored wrapped in newspapers dated 1972. Rust free (stripped) body was refinished in a professional shop in two-tone polyurethane high-quality paint. In the early 2000’s. New 650x16 tires were mounted. One dent right front during subsequent transport/storing. Fender skirts, complete trunk tool kit, original good-running motor. An additional American electric fuel pump to supplement British fuel pumps that are not working.Chrome will need to be reinstalled, along with a new battery, brake cylinders need new rubber components installed, and there is some rust on the gas tank fuel line screen.Engine, transmission, and radiator working fine when garaged in late 2000’s.

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Wilseyville, California, United States

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