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Sale 1951 Kaiser

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1951 Kaiser for Sale
1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale1951 Kaiser for Sale

US $3,500.00

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:Sedan
Vehicle Title:Clean
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Vehicle Information

Sale price: US $3,500.00
Car location: Davey, Nebraska, United States
Last update: 30.12.2020

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1951 Kaiser Deluxe, with famed“Dragon Vinyl” interior! This ’51 Kaiser is rusty but trusty!  Comes with new floor boards I bought(hopefully you know how to weld or know someone that can) along withrocker panels and some new carpet. Everything seems to work just fine! Has Kaiser’s venerable flathead 6cyl with automatic transmission.  All glass is good except one rear wing windowis cracked, and all the chrome is there (some extra parts in the trunk) and allgauges work.  Small exhaust leak rightwhere the manifold and exhaust pipe match up (new gasket needed).  Title is clear.  Car is also for-sale locally near Lincoln, NE as well.From “How Stuff Works”:  Working with the L. E. Carpenter Company ofBoonton, New Jersey, Carlton B. Spencer (Kaiser’s Chief designer or colors andtrim) had developed a unique, heavy-duty "Dragon" vinyl (a$125 option) made by low-pressure refrigerated embossing. Smooth vinyl sheetswere heated before being fed into a machine with refrigerated plates carryingthe reptilian die Design. The die "kissed" the vinyl, causing thedesign to set through heat transfer.  Spencer was aiming for a new look -- "theluxurious look of alligator hide. You know what an alligator handbag costs. Wewere trying to get a souped-up vinyl that would copy it. We used the term'Dragon' so no one would mistake it and say it was either real alligator or reallizard."  (This had nothing to dowith the animal-rights movement, which was then decades away, but withtruth-in-advertising laws: You couldn’t call it 'gator unless it was.)  Pleated in big 2 1/2-inch ribs. Dragon vinyl covered the seatcushions, package shelf, and instrument panel. Stretched smooth, it was used onthe seat risers, front seatbacks, and door panels.  Dragon vinyl was notonly good-looking, but extremely durable and nearly impervious to wear. Infact, complete "basket-case" cars have been discovered with theirDragon-vinyl seats still looking like new.  

Contact Details

Davey, Nebraska, United States

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