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Sale 1957 Ford Del Rio 2 Door Wagon 2 Door Del Rio Wagon

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1957 Ford Del Rio 2 Door Wagon 2 Door Del Rio Wagon1957 Ford Del Rio 2 Door Wagon 2 Door Del Rio Wagon1957 Ford Del Rio 2 Door Wagon 2 Door Del Rio Wagon

US $14,500.00

Engine:4.6 L DOHC
Model:Del Rio 2 Door Wagon
Number of Cylinders:8
Sub Model:2 Door Del Rio Wagon
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Interior Color:Red
Drive Type:RWD
Trim:Del Rio
Body Type:2 Door Station Wagon
Vehicle Title:Clean
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Laser straight, rust free body with new floors...set in high grade primer, ready for final guide coat block sanding preparation....all panels, hood, doors, liftgate and tailgate with excellent alignment and fitment....outstanding top contours and immaculate drip rails.. the spare tire pan, rockers, door, tailgate and liftgate bottoms, front fender lower corners, lower quarters are all rock solid...just needs windshield and driver side quarter glass replaced”

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Sale Price: US $14,500.00
Car location: Sherman Oaks, California, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 27.08.2021

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Final, final price drop.....I am selling this wagon to raise money to purchase food, clothing and other items of personal need for homeless and disabled veterans, their families and others who face very challenging times.....I had hoped to raise more, so I began with a higher asking price..but I have lost my storage space and must sell quickly
For sale is a 1957 Ford Del Rio 2 door station wagon.....a unique opportunity for someone to purchase and build one of the rarest and most highly desirable 2 door wagons ever produced.....this is a project that was begun with the goal of creating a very high end restomod March of this year, a very nicely built 57 Del Rio here in California sold for $78K....certainly can be consistent with values of 57 Chevy Nomads and Pontiac Safari's when nicely builtTo begin with, the body is in extraordinary condition with brand new floors...could very well be the straightest 57 Ford wagon being offered anywhere that is in the project stage. The motor is a 4.6 L Double Overhead Cam/32 Valve V-8 from a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII.....on top is a plenum from a Mustang Cobra...the motor is teamed with the factory 4R70 automatic transmission.....even the original Lincoln driveshaft went along for the ride. We listed the mileage at around 60K...that was the odometer reading on the donor Mark VIII, not the wagon...this car has not been driven since the transplant. The compression check for each cylinder showed that one cylinder registered 175 lbs, all the rest were either 180 or 185...our information is that the normal range of compression on these motors is typically 170-190. The dual exhaust system features coated headers, larger diameter pipes and Flowmaster mufflers.This wagon comes with 4 wheel power disc brakes.....the front spindles, rotors and calipers all come from a 74-77 Ford Granada...the original 57 Ford suspension components including the upper and lower control arms, ball joints, bushings, etc. have all been rebuilt, plus an oversized sway bar has been added for much improved turning stability...the rear disc brake conversion came as a kit and is linked to the original iconic 57 Ford 9" rear end (3:70) with new axle bearings and sealsThe wagon sits and rolls with an aggressive stance on beautiful 18" Boss look good but are old and should be replacedOn the interior, currently there is a Chevy tilt column from a van...the dash is uncut, the original gauges are present and basic electricals are functional...original radio is not installed but is includedUnderneath the rear seat are the computer and control panel from Ron Francis...there are some repairs that will be needed to make the computer/electrical system functional...we do not know the nature of those repairsAt this point, we are disclosing that there is some white smoke that appears at first start, then goes away.....the oil is free from coolant and the car does not have any known history of overheating...however, we will not offer this wagon for sale without fully disclosing everything we know about it...this is not a daily driver at this can be driven to assist the loading and unloading process during shipping....but this is NOT A DAILY DRIVER AT THIS POINTThe interior includes both front and rear correct factory seatsIncluded also are about 80% of the exterior Del Rio gold and stainless trim pieces...this wagon has beautiful body lines, so the mounting holes on the body have been filled but could easily be reestablished if going with original factory side trimThe windshield needs to be replaced, along with the driver side rear quarter glass.AGAIN...This car can be driven to assist the shipper in the loading and unloading processes, but should not be driven until it is determined whether a head gasket repair or some other issue is addressed as evidenced by the white smoke at start upFront and rear bumpers and guards are present with all brackets and are good cores for re chroming
THIS VEHICLE IS BEING SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS, WITH NO WARRANTY OF ANY TYPE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED ..we will be happy to assist as needed with the pickup by the shipperThe wagon has a clear title in my name, is currently registered....California buyers have an option of N.O.S correct yellow 57 License plates with 57 sticker

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Sherman Oaks, California, United States

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