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1958 Renault 4CV For Sale

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US $3,950.00

Number of Cylinders:4
Vehicle Title:Clean
Interior Color:Red
Item status:In archive
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $3,950.00
Car location: Silverdale, Washington, United States
Last update: 2.07.2020

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This charming 50's micro car was the French response to the VW Beetle - weighs a scant 1300+ lbs, is powered by a 747cc water cooled rear-mount engine, and has four doors (the front open suicide style). For comparison, photos of actual car up for bid next to '63 Beetle are posted. Currently registered in Oregon with a clean title and runs/drives. **Note: Car will only be relisted once (this listing). If unsold, it is going in storage with family.**
It's an early90's restoration (work done by previous owner) with original red vinyl interior and headliner - some holes present in those pieces from rodent intruders when the car was in storage during multiple military deployments mid-2000s (now patched, except one spot on rear seat passenger side, see photos). Overall the visible surfaces of seats are predominantlyintact. Single stage paint job, which I would describe as a 10-footer - some small pinhead size bubbles throughout if you get up close, with chips here and there.
During summer 2019, new/overhauled brake, cooling, and fueling systems installed - in particular, (1) brakes: new master cylinder, wheel cylinders, flex lines, hard lines, and shoes, drums refinished, new parking brake cable; (2) fuel: carb rebuilt after thorough ultrasonic cleaning with proper jets and newly fabricated heat pipes for the auto-choke (works correctly and starts great on 6V), new fuel pump and rebuilt fuel float, new tank pickup pipe and line, relined tank; (3) cooling: new water pump (bearings were a bit rough in old one), re-cored radiator, new hoses, temp sender, radiator boards and splash pans (all contribute to proper air flow direction). Once warm, engine comfortably sits at approximately 175-185 deg F. Shifts cleanly through all 3 forward gears and reverse without grinding, though gearbox could use a refresh of seals (I have these and will include with sale but never got around to installing). New 6V battery.Weather stripping on front and rear windshields and doors is new within last 10 years, various other rubber bits also new. Tires are approximately 15 years old with less than 400 miles on them. Acoustic sound deadener applied over rear firewall behind seats (generic dynamat).
On the downside, pans at rear seat feet need replaced as the current fiberglass patches are brittle - see photos with floor mat pulled up for passenger side patch; driver side is identical. These pans are about $50 per pair from Europe plus shipping. There's some other rusty spots on the underside that could also use new panels or patching - decorative trim sills, lower front floor triangles behind A-pillar (floor upper triangles are intact... floor mat pulled up in photos shows upper), front boot inner pan. I have the replacement pan for last of these already and will include with sale. If you're a body/metal guy, then these should be straightforward. All pans, sills, etc. are available from other French suppliers and are in the $50-$100 range a pair. I exposed some previous poor patch jobs on rear frame rails (patches now removed) during the brake work last summer - the flat metal that is welded to the open side (facing outward) of the frame c-channel needs replaced on both sides; front left frame rail needs patching/repair. Rear left fender a little rough near the bottom. The car is capable of its factory max speed of 60 mph in current mechanical state - reached it last weekend in fact, but I would recommend you repair these portions of the car if you plan on taking any extended trips at high speed. I have a spare '60 4CV body shell that you can have for free (stripped of doors/fenders/all mechanical parts) that still has decent floor pans, if you'd rather cut them out and go that route.
Photos in post are mostly from June 2020, with photos next to Bug in Feb 2020 prior to washing car. Brake/carb work (including before/after) were taken summer '19. Videos of various drives in and around the local Washington area, cold start, etc. and additional photos viewable from must be picked up within 10 days of sale.

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Silverdale, Washington, United States

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