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Sale 1959 Jeep CJ2A

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1959 Jeep CJ2A

US $5,500.00

Body Type:SUV
Number of Cylinders:4
Exterior Color:White
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:4WD
Engine:F4-134 Hurricane
Fuel Type:Gasoline

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Sale Price: US $5,500.00
Car location: Florence, Colorado, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 22.09.2021

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About this vehicle
This 1959 Jeep CJ2A is a project vehicle. The owner has had it for 5 years. The vehicle is drivable and is not regularly driven.
Vehicle Details
1959 CJ2A. 5500 obo All original. Have custom soft top and doors. Pto winch drive. Needs new winch cable. will deliver for fee
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Contact Details

Florence, Colorado, United States

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