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Sale 1960 Ford Galaxie

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1960 Ford Galaxie

US $22,222.22

Sub Model:Sunliner
Interior Color:Red
Exterior Color:Gold
Vehicle Title:Clean
Disability Equipped:No
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Convertible
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty

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Sale Price: US $22,222.22
Car location: Appleton, Wisconsin, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 30.11.2021

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Mach IV Motors
UP FOR SALE: 1960 Ford Sunliner:Cool parade car: a 1960 Sunliner convertible. This car is a good driver, brakes done, needs tires, interior is amazing. The body needs some work - some dents and very little rust (southern midwest car, clean underneath) 3 speed manual clutch works good, shifts great. Brakes work well, starts easy and runs down the road straight- again needs tires. Other than cosmetic work, the car is super solid and just needs a new home. Drive as is or paint it, either way it’s cool and has a lot of personality-Comes w/ title (see terms for title transfer below). Can assist with loading, buyer
to arrange shipping. Selling as is, no warranty. Non-refundable deposit of
$500 due at time of purchase. Remaining due by wire transfer or certified
check.Make an offer if you don't like the buy it now... Call [hidden information].
******Item is up for buy it now or best offer, plus $129 service fee (required for title assignment, paperwork is required by our state as a dealership to assign title to buyer), plus sales tax/MV11 fees if applicable for Wisconsin residents - fees, sales tax and balance after deposit to be invoiced after item ends. Paperwork is required to complete this transaction. Following the sale, we will invoice for the service fee and any balance due through PayPal and we will mail the required paperwork. Original, signed copies must be returned in enclosed postage paid envelope before the title is assigned and mailed and before the item will be released to a shipper. Wisconsin residents may require electronic processing of form MV11 and are subject to sales tax and additional fees. Wisconsin residents will have titles processed by Wisconsin DMV (THIS CAN TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 6-8 WEEKS DEPENDING ON THEIR PROCESSING TIME) - out of state buyers will have title assigned to them and mailed to take to their local DMV for transfer - MACH IV MOTORS, LLC 600 E HANCOCK ST APPLETON, WI 54911 [hidden information]. TAX, TITLE, LICENSE FEES NOT INCLUDED.
Please note: payment is due within three (3) days of auction end.
I offer a 100% return policy minus shipping. If I miss something in the description it is an honest mistake I WOULD NEVER INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENT PARTS - IT JUST ISN'T WORTH IT.
If there is a problem, please contact us before leaving a negative rating. Issues can always be worked out - we would rather fix issues than lose a customer.
Shipping charges and quotes include postage and handling and are an estimate based on the item weight and size using USPS or UPS rates.
Most packages are shipped USPS or UPS. Parts are shipped every week day, excluding holidays. P.O. boxes may require additional postage.
I do combine shipping when possible (limited by size, weight and fragile nature of item). Please wait for an invoice to reflect shipping costs before sending payment.
I do offer international shipping; for quotes please send a message through the item. Most international parts will be shipped USPS priority.
Please ensure your address is correct in PayPal & eBay before purchasing your items - items can only be shipped to an address listed in the buyer's account.
Please ask questions using the e-bay messaging system. We do not see notes left in the order details or invoices, only messages sent through e-bay.
If your country or shipping destination charges, demands, or imposes any customs tax, VAT, tariff, customs duty or levies, royalty, "handling", excise obligation, assessment, or any other charges that are due upon delivery you will accept sole responsibility for full payment as the buyer / recipient.
Please don't ask to end auction early, I will not, they run to the end. If an item is up for auction, make sure to bid - it will never be this cheap again. If auction items do not sell they will be relisted as buy it now listings at a significant markup. I pride myself on prompt shipment, I hope you will pride yourself on prompt payment. Payment is due within three (3) days of auction close. Unpaid item reminders are automatically opened after the three day period. If you would like to combine orders from different auctions please message us so we can make arrangements.
Thank you and good luck bidding!
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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States

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