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Sale 1960 Willys Wagon

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1960 Willys Wagon1960 Willys Wagon1960 Willys Wagon

US $2,850.00

Engine:226 CID Inline 6
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:red/white
Exterior Color:Red/White
Drive Type:4WD
Vehicle Title:--
Body Type:Station Wagon
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Options:--, 4-Wheel Drive
:“See narrative below”

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Sale Price: US $2,850.00
Car location: Clancy, Montana, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 6.02.2021

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General – Every time I see one of these, I
think of the British actor, Terry Thomas, and the Movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”.For sale is a 1960 Willys Station Wagon, America’s first SUV.This wagon came
out of the ranching region of north east Montana, just south of the Canadian
Border. The 1946 through 1964 Willys
Station Wagon/Utility Wagons are some of the most highly sought after vehicles
of that era. However, any more these vehicles pretty much fall into two
categories; the first being a total basket case, wrecked or rusted beyond restoration, and good
only for parts. The second category is one which is already restored and well
beyond most budgets. This one is the hard to find in between one that can
soon be on the road, driven while you restore.
It is an excellent candidate for either restoration or to hot rod. However,
if the latter is your plan, I do not want to hear about it! The wagon has a clear Montana title, and it is
properly notarized.
Mechanical - The original, or era
correct 226 CID Super Hurricane six cylinder engine is present (see pictures), and
with the help of a friend drizzling gasoline into the carburetor we did have
the engine running, back in June 2020. There was no smoke nor strange noises. The
transmission goes into each gear and the clutch feels alright. All components on the engine and entire drive
train seem to be present. Having sat for many years, thefuel
system, ignition system, and brakes will require attention. I did squirt Mystery Oil into the cylinders and installed new plugs before I started it. Beyond this description, I just do not know as I have never been able to drive it.
Exterior - The best part about this Willys is
its overall survivor condition, especially the sheet metal and glass. What rust there is, is confined to the rear
wheel arches and floorboards, (see pictures), both are easy fixes if you or a friend can weld.None of the fourteen panes of glass are broken, a minor wonder in itself.. No matter whether restoration or hot rod is
your goal, you are money and time ahead by starting with as solid and rust fee
vehicle as you can possibly find, (see pictures). This one does however have
60 years of dents, dings, blemishes, and what some call patina.The rear liftgate and tailgate function
correctly and have no rust around the hinges. The roof mounted spotlight, which some say was dealer installed, is still present.All tires
hold air.
Interior – Not much to talk about here.
It is pretty much like it was like the day it was set aside. An interesting
feature is the school bus heater which some enterprising back in the day owner
installed, (see pictures). Three of the
four original style seats are present. All
gages and instruments are present, and I have located a dash glove box door and
it will be included. The other glove box and two hide
away boxes under the seats are still present and functional.
The interior of this old wagon is all there; if you are going for an
original restoration - clean it, sand it, and paint it. If you are going for a hot rod , then you
probably already have your own ideas.
Summary – The simplicity of these old wagons is
what makes their restoration so popular and easy. This one would make a great
project for a father and son/daughter, the guys in the shop, or whoever.
While this wagon will require some work, much of what needs to be done
is that which one would normally do anyway in either a restoration or hot rod
build. The main point is you have a solid body and clear title to work
with. The old wagon deserves another chance in life to show up at your
local car show, or for work with your business logo on the doors.
Disclaimers, Storage, and Transportation
Please if you have
less than ten positive eBay transactions, contact me before bidding so I can be
sure of your sincerity and ability to pay, thank you. I require a nonrefundable
deposit of $500.00 within 48 hours, and the remainder prior to me sending you
the title. Please only the deposit by PayPal unless you are willing to
pay the PayPal 3% surcharge. Well I have tried to represent the old wagon as honestly and accurately as I can; please read this ad thoroughly and look
closely at the pictures. Make no mistake, it is not currently a roadworthy vehicle, rather it is a project. The vehicle
is sold as is, where is, and with no guarantee nor warrantee implied or
specified. I am very proud of my 100% eBay feedback rating and will answer all
questions. I will post some of them so that others may benefit. The
wagon is stored in a secure compound and can remain so if it is paid for and you
pay the rent of $25 per month. If you send after the truck, I will help
you with shipping in any way I can, to include meeting your shipper and assisting in loading, Also, you should make sure you
advise your shipper that the vehicle does not currently run under its own power.
Good luck with your bidding and
thank you for your time spent in reading my ad.
By the way, if you
have not seen the movie, get it; it pops up on TCM ever once in a while and I am sure Netflix has it, if you love classic cars and trucks, and slapstick comedy, you will be glad you did.

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Clancy, Montana, United States

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