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Sale 1962 Nash

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1962 Nash1962 Nash1962 Nash

US $14,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $14,500.00
Car location: Mesa, Arizona, United States
Last update: 7.02.2021

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Thank you for inquiring about the 1962, Nash, Metropolitan in Glendale, Arizona. The Nash is available for inspection with a scheduled appointment. This Nash starts, drives, handles, and shifts very well. All hinged components open and close effortlessly. We are limited on the number of photos uploaded. Additional photos can be requested and sent to your email or phone. Clean, notorized, title in hand.
Please feel free to contact me for questions or schedule an inspection.
P: [hidden information] E: [hidden information] W:
I know each vehicle is never perfect and will have their own quarks or nuances. I do my best to provide detailed photos/ videos/ feedback for my listings while confirming the integrity of each vehicle with my own inspection. I hold you, the buyer, responsible for asking questions and performing a non-bias inspection.
Vehicle is sold As-Is/ Where-Is with no warranty provided or implied.
Please do not ask for me to pay your transportation company with the funds you send. I will gladly assist you with my transport network worldwide, however, it is your responsibility to pay them directly for transport services.
Kind Regards,Robin

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Mesa, Arizona, United States

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