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Sale 1963 Willys

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US $5,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Options:4-Wheel Drive
Number of Cylinders:6
Body Type:Wagon

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Sale Price: US $5,500.00
Car location: Sheridan, Wyoming, United States
Last update: 30.07.2020

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Fresh from the fields of Wyoming. This is a born and raised Wyoming Willys Wagon and is waiting for a new home and to be brought back to life again. This is a solid little truck, with minimal rust. It does not run or drive but the engine is free. The transmission is out of it and will ship in a crate in the back. What you see is what you get. It is original paint so there is no bondo in this buggy.
Please feel free to ask questions. I am available about anytime from 8 am-9 pm MST. My name is Heather [hidden information]. I can assist with shipping at the buyers expense.

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Sheridan, Wyoming, United States

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