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Sale 1965 Chrysler Newport

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1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale
1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale1965 Chrysler Newport for Sale

US $5,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Number of Cylinders:8
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Sale Price: US $5,500.00
Car location: Novato, California, United States
Last update: 4.01.2021

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1965 Chrysler Newport with original 383-2bbl. This car has only 77K miles! Odometer has not flipped. Documented actual mileage. Originally an Arizona car. 100% numbers-matching including the radiator. I have owned this car for almost four years and I have had no problems other than a brake booster, which was replaced in October, as well as calipers and front tires. Rear tires are good. New battery recently. The front end had a complete rebuild with new ball joints, strut rod bushings, sway bar bushings and pitman arm. The car has a new fuel delivery system from the pump forward, including lines and filters, just for my own satisfaction. The car has just had a fresh, complete tune-up including points, condenser, cap, rotor, dwell and timing set. There are no known mechanical issues. The car runs and drives extremely well, like a new car. The engine is 100% original. Absolutely nothing changed or missing. It has new, white leatherette upholstery on the seats. The original interior panels are in great condition. The original carpet is still in the car and it is in excellent condition, clean with no tears or holes. Only minor wear in the obvious places. The headliner is in great shape with no holes, tears or damage and it is clean. The dash is all in great shape. There are two minor hairline splits at the radio speaker, otherwise great. The body is quite straight with no bondo detected. There is a little rust on the lower driver's side rear quarter behind the rear wheel, very small, about the size of a nickel. Also a tiny spot of rust in the center, above each fender skirt, about the size of a dime. Other than that, the body is extremely nice and straight. The previous owner sanded some chips out of the sides and added white primer here and there, mainly across the middle of the doors. Trunk is clean with no rust in the floors. Also no rust under the car at all. All floorboards are solid with no rust. The taillight lenses are perfect with no cracks or chips. All chrome trim on the car is perfect except for one small ding on the left rear piece. The bumpers are in great shape with minor chrome fade and one ding in the front bumper. All four hubcaps are perfect with zero dings and they shine like chrome. You may notice the absence of a trunk lock in the pictures. The spring popped off, so I took the lock out to fix it. Unfortunately, it was out when I took the pictures, but is now back in place and functions fine. All of the glass in the car is original and in great shape with zero cracks or hazing. The heater works great. The only things not functioning are the gas gauge, horn and the radio. Other than that, everything is functional, lights, blinkers, dash lights, etc. This has always been a well taken care of car, never abused or modified. Clean, clear title. The black CA. plates don't go with the car. This car has been extremely reliable. Drive anywhere, anytime, with confidence knowing it will start easily every time, regardless if it sits for 2 months, and won't leave you stranded. I carry a mountain bike in the trunk of my daily driver classics, just in case, lol! It's true. I DO NOT TAKE LOAN CHECKS!Very reasonable reserve. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I'm sure there are things I'm leaving out.

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