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Sale 1966 Chevrolet Nova 327/350hp L79

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1966 Chevrolet Nova 327/350hp L791966 Chevrolet Nova 327/350hp L791966 Chevrolet Nova 327/350hp L79

US $136,500.00

Sub Model:327/350hp L79
Drive Type:--
Interior Color:Turquoise
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Body Type:2 dr
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Trim:327/350hp L79
Exterior Color:Tropic Turquoise
Power Options:--
Number of Cylinders:8
Vehicle Title:Clear

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Sale Price: US $136,500.00
Car location: Macomb, Michigan, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 4.09.2021

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Purchased by me in October of 2017, this 1966 Nova SS L79 is my seventh frame off restoration. Spending its entire life in Michigan, I purchased the car locally and began the restoration as soon as I got the car home, and finished it just recently. Several important factors distinguish my Nova from most of the L79's sold in recent years. First, I restored the car myself and know every single detail from front to back and top to bottom. Second, my Nova is a real SS L79 and I can prove it with the original protect-o-plate and a notarized letter from the original owner. Third, the color combination and ordered options are fairly unique for a 1966 L79 Nova SS. Finally, this car is fresh with less the one mile driven after the professional engine break in. Photographic history of the restoration, critical documentation, and all relevant paperwork will be provided to the new owner.Every single detail of this car is correct and is as it was when it rolled off the assembly line. All castings, date codes, and part numbers are correct for my car built in the second week of March. I had my engine builder stamp the vin and build codes on the block after machining. The only way you would know this is by my just telling you so. Three items are not "as built". I used a reproduction fuel pump, Gardner exhaust, and changed the rear end to a 3:31 posi. 3.73 gears come with the sale. Critical, correct, and expensive restorations of the hub caps, alternator, starter, original tail panel, steering wheel, all stainless and chrome, radio-speaker-fader, and Holley carburetor were all done by the best in the industry. Details such as the correct jack and spare, seat belts, and front and real LOF windshields are all new and marked as they should be. Please look at the pictures and feel free to ask any questions you might have. Unlike some sellers, I have all of the answers because I am the one who built this car. I am happy to provide any pictures you might want to see. Many ads you see for L79's of dubious pedigree get into lengthy detail and a flowery write up of the Nova's place in history. I will not waste your time telling you about things you should already know if you are a serious buyer for this kind of car.You might ask why I am selling the car after so much time and investment? I am done with the restoration and there is nothing left to tinker with, so it is time for a new challenge. I will consider partial trades in this sale. The car is "sold as is" and "where is" with any delivery to be handled by the buyer. I will accept cash, cashiers check, and clear title to any partial trades. Price is $136,500. Thank you for looking.Time for a decent sized helping of crow pie. When I sent a copy of my protect-o-plate to my engine builder I assumed he would handle the date coding of my block. He inadvertently re-stamped the build date from the donor block back onto it. For what this engine cost me, I never even thought of checking the date, only looking at the vin. Words cannot express how I am feeling right now about this oversight. I am prepared to compensate any buyer for the cost to fix this number if they want to have it done. Please look closely at my pictures, as I believe that in sprite of this mistake, the car is truly spectacular.I have had questions in reference to the hub caps not being put onto the Nova. The reason I have not put them on is that when the Nova's were delivered to the dealers the hub caps were in the trunk, therefore, if the car were to be shown at a show, the hub caps would be placed in the trunk without having the rims all scratched up.

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Macomb, Michigan, United States

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