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Sale 1966 Morris Mini Turbo Cooper S manual coupe MG Metro motor 180bhp big $$$ spent

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1966 Morris Mini Turbo Cooper S manual coupe MG Metro motor 180bhp big $$$ spent

AU $37,500.00

Body Type:Coupe
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Professionally built race car for the street”

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Sale Price: AU $37,500.00
Car location: kallangur, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 2.10.2021

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Check this out! 1966 Morris Mini 850 now presented as Cooper S with professional MG Metro Turbo conversion. Built by a WA based Mini performance guru using the best of everything at considerable expense, then further refined and sorted since. Has imported 1275 MG Metro Turbo 20" block professionally fitted with upgraded crank, pistons, rods etc, plus fully match ported head and Garrett T3 turbo with in cabin adjustable boost, blow off valve, intercooler, expertly tuned to an estimated 180bhp + at 13psi, outstanding power for such a small lightweight car. 2.25" straight through exhaust has a distinctive bark. Electric fuel pump and cooling fan activated by period toggle switches. Gearbox is an upgraded strengthened refurbished Cooper S 4 speed unit, as is the front power disc brake conversion, and the correct Cooper S twin tanks, full complement of Smith's gauges, period Mountney steering wheel with BMC Mini horn button and more. Willans seat harness, refurbished original black seats and door trims and carpet complete the 60s spec interior. Brand new paint in original Nurburg White with Jet Black roof, stripes and widened flares covering refurbished genuine Minilights and brand new 185 50 13 Nankangs look magnificent with a fantastic stance.
Super desirable car, you could not find, restore and build one for anything close to the asking price. Rare appreciating asset ready to turn the key and enjoy. Sold unregistered.
7 day no reserve auction, bidding starts at $37500. Winning bidder to make contact and pay within 24 hours of close of auction.Contact me if you have questionsHappy to assist with interstate transport at buyers expense

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kallangur, Australia

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