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Sale 1967 Ford F-250

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1967 Ford F-2501967 Ford F-2501967 Ford F-250

US $6,221.00

Disability Equipped:No
Exterior Color:Harbor Blue
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clean
Number of Cylinders:8
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:Standard Cab Pickup
:“Well-kept local truck that has always been pampered here in snow-free Western Washington State. Will make a great daily driver!”

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Sale Price: US $6,221.00
Car location: Auburn, Washington, United States
Last update: 14.02.2021

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1967 Ford F250
Camper Special
Custom Cab
VIN: F25YRB15514
Remember the bedtime story of “Jack and the Beanstalk”
your Mama told you as a kid? How Jack
went to town to peddle the family cow and returned with a handful of “magic
beans” instead of cash? I’ve been an active vintage vehicle collector for the better part of two decades and over the
years trained a select number of folks to “birddog” fun and
unique vehicles for me. Every so often I’m
surprised by what Humphrey arrives back at the shop with and was quite pleased
when he drove in with this exceptional Camper Special F-series!
Take a good look at my photos. With just a casual glance
you might think this is just another ol’ truck, maybe owned by somebody’s
Granddad. But like I did, look a
little closer and you’ll realize what a find this rig really is! The first hint is when you check for rust in
the usual places. With the exception of two
small, repaired cab floor spots and some surface corrosion on the door posts, there really just isn’t any! For those not familiar with the Great Pacific Northwest, we get our share of misty rain, but hardly ever any
snow. At the first sign of a falling
flake everyone panics and stays home.
Truth is, our winter roads are rarely salted, so you’ll find VERY few
vehicles here with serious rust issues! Please
feel free to climb over, under and around this nice truck - I know you’ll come up
When you open the hood, you’re in for another nice
surprise. I’d forgotten that ’67 was the
last year for the venerable 352 C.I. Y-block engine – the same motor found in
T-birds dating back to the mid-fifties. We spent many hundredsthis past fall having the carburetor professionally rebuilt, installing a
new distributor and upgrading to an electronic ignition. While tuning things up, my tech suggested a new timing chain and gear set. It only made sense to replace the water pump as well, so that was also done. (some receipts included). He finished off by replacing the sparkplugs, distributor cap and the rotor.Fewer than 50 miles have been driven since
then. The next caretaker will have no
worries, when starting cold just hop in, pull the manual choke and she fires right
up! I let the engine idle with the it
full on for about a minute, then push the dash choke button in and drive
the rest of the day hassle-free! I know you’ll also appreciate the custom long-tube headers and “cherry-bomb” style dual exhaust; it
gives the motor a throaty, just-right burble. The heavy-duty three speed Ford Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission is strong and there are 4.10 gears in the Dana rear pumpkin. Here’s how the VIN code breaks down:
F25 – Ford F250 4x2
Y - 352 Cu. In. engine
R - San Jose Assembly Plant
A - Cruise-O-Matic
3-speed Automatic Transmission
The data plate shows the F-250 was delivered here to the Seattle Sales
District #74(It's been a local rig
since new!)
The dash has full factory instrumentation including oil-water-amp
gauges. All of the chrome on the dash
bezels, knobs & radio is excellent. The
original rubber floor covering was just replaced with new fitted carpets and a
fresh vinyl bench seat. The upholstry shop was quite impressed by how good the original seat springs still were.The Clarion AM/FM/CD radio works great. There are also dual fuel tanks and a rear
window slider (I’ve never used the rear tank).
We left the gunracks in place. Outside
I know you’ll be impressed by the factory color paint that has been resprayed to the original "Harbor Blue". It holds quite a shine!We did nothing more than hand wash the
rig before taking the photos on 02/06/2021. As pictured, the bed is in excellent
condition without any rust holes in the usual areas. It’s protected with roll-on bedliner. I'd suggest replacing the mismatched tires as they are old and several are worn. "Camper Specials" came from the factory with extra-heavy suspensions; they're rated at 6,900 lbs. GVW. There's also a transmission cooler in front of the heavy-duty radiator. The manual brakes seem just fine to me. My only real complaints are: the passenger window is "stiff" to roll up or down (it always does so with a little effort) and your arms get a workout as there's no power steering. Real men apparently didn't need or expect it fifty years ago on their trucks!
A Few Additional Terms and Conditions:
of the amount of money involved in buying a vehicle, we require that new Ebay
members with a feedback history of five or fewer transactions call, text or email
before placing a bid. If I don’t
have this initial contact, your bid may be cancelled. As I’ve outlined above, the phone number to
talk directly to me is 206/[hidden information].
Please feel free to call any time during the auction. My name is MARK. You’re welcome and encouraged to
come by my Auburn, WA warehouse to inspect & drive the truck. If distance is an issue, I'll make time to meet your hired inspector there.You might also consider making an offer as many of my vehicles sell to smart “early birds” that call
and work out a deal prior to the auction’s end.
I always reserve the right to sell during this period.
in full is due by cash (in-person only), a wire transfer or other certified
funds within seven days of the auction closing.
I can accept credit/debit cards but will need to first send an invoice
from our card processor (SQUARE) with the 3.25% fee charged by them added. Please remember you are bidding to buy, and I
fully expect the winning bidder to fulfill their Ebay contract! You’re not bidding to hold or then come
inspect and test-drive the vehicle later -- You’re more than welcome to do this
before the auction ends.
If you decide to have the F-250 shipped home, there are numerous vehicle
transportcompanies to choose from. While delivery and the company
chosen are the responsibility of the BUYER, I ship vehicles regularly
and have access to the nationwide Central Dispatch system and can check
to see what typical delivery costs have been to your area recently. We can then post a transport offer at a fair
price. Usually, a shipper is lined up
within just a few days. You’ll pay the shipper COD when they arrive. No
upfront deposit or other hassles.
Thetruck can
be stored free of charge at my location for up to two weeks after the auction
ends assuming full payment has been received.
After that period storage is $20 per day.

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Auburn, Washington, United States

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