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AU $59,000.00

Date of Manufacture:196804
Registration State:QLD
Options:AM, FM Stereo, Convertible
Engine Size (litre):4.7
Modified Item:No
Registration Number:936CJ9
Safety Features:Back Seat Safety Belts
Right, Left Hand Drive:Left-Hand Drive
Dealer License Number:4059888
Fuel Type:Petrol
Car Type:Collector Cars
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:Convertible
For Sale by:Dealer
Featured Refinements:Classic Car
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: AU $59,000.00
Car location: samsonvale, Australia
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 1.10.2021

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1968 Ford Mustang Convertible
Finance, Warranty and Transportation options available.Contact Tymon for more information: [hidden information]
Top down fun in the sun, this stunning ‘Sunlit Gold’ Mustang
is ready to cruise in style.
Synonymous with starting the age of the ‘pony’ car, Ford’s
vice president and general manager Lee Lacocca envisioned a sporty youth-market
car based on the existing compact Ford Falcon base. The Mustang was developed
in record time on a shoe-string budget and was presented to the public at the
World’s Fair on the 17th of April 1964 to much amazement and
acclaim. Though Ford had planned 100,000 sales in the first year, over 22,000
orders had been placed on the first day! Ford had unknowingly started the Pony
car craze.
The Mustang was initially introduced as a coupe and
convertible with either a 170ci straight six, 260ci 2v, V8 and 289ci 4v, V8 and
a solid lifter 271hp 289ci 4-barrel staring in June 1964. For the 1965 model
year the fastback was introduced along with the enlarged 200ci straight six
base engine and 289ci 2v, V8 replacing the 260ci V8 engine. The Mustang also
came with a myriad of optional extras furthering its appeal to a broad marketplace
from entry level grocery getters to all out-performance monsters. On the 1st
March 1966, the one millionth Mustang rolled off the production line.
Incremental updates followed until the first major styling
revision in 1967 with the length and width increased by 2.7" and 0.5"
respectively; primarily to accommodate the new, larger 390ci big block V8 with
335hp to be the Mustang’s top performing engine. 1968 saw subtle refinements to
the exterior and interior such as deletion of the F-O-R-D letters on the hood,
added safety features and folding flush interior door handles to name a few.
Engine wise, the new 302ci V8 replaced the venerable 289 during that year while
performance engines were added to the line up in the form of the 428 Cobra Jet
and 427 Hipo V8 making far more than their official ratings.
This gorgeous C code Mustang is one of the last 289ci V8
Mustangs that was built in April 1968 and finished in Sunlit Gold with
Parchment interior. It was optioned with white power top, C-4 Automatic
transmission, white wall tires, louvered hood, power steering, AM radio and
deluxe wheel overs costing a total of $3612.28 inclusive of shipping and
charges according to the build sheet back in 1968! The mustang has remained is
overall good condition for its age with a good shine on the paint work and
interior looking in good largely original shape besides the added head rests, leather
wrapped steering wheel and aftermarket head unit in the glove box. A bump on
the rear bumper bar is the only real imperfection on the car. The vehicle rides
on a set of 17 inch American Racing style rims which compliments the Mustangs
tougher look with the white C stripe and louvered bonnet. Under the bonnet lies
the 289ci 2v V8 giving plenty of effortless cruising power. Documentation shows
it to be imported to Australia in early 2014.
Included with the Mustang is a file of miscellaneous
paperwork dating back to 1976, Marti report, original 1968 Mustang sales
brochure, 68 Mustang Facts book, original ‘Big 4’ “SEND HELP/NEED GAS” document
and a framed copy of the Marti report along with an original build costings
Great for those weekend getaways or Sunday cruises, this
Mustang will surely impress.
This vehicle comes with RWC if sold in QLD.
Presented by BGS Classic Cars.
We are a dealer specialising in Classic, Vintage, Luxury and
Unique cars; BGS Classic Cars offers a truly unique and personalized buying
experience. Located in the picturesque Mt Samford ranges at our country
property, just 15 minutes out of Samford Village, 45 minutes from Brisbane
Airport; you can get a real feel for your next vehicle at proper speeds without
the headaches of negotiating busy traffic. All
inspections are by appointment only. We allow our clients to walk under the
vehicles using our onsite vehicle hoist (by prior arrangement only), thus
giving you a different perspective and peace of mind that you have fully
inspected your next purchase.
See our ‘other items’ to view our constantly
changing stock list including vehicles on consignment. We can consign your
vehicle as well.
Contact Tymon: 0439 689 016 for more information.
We can assist with transportation arrangements of
your vehicle at buyers own cost.
Time is taken to carefully describe and photograph
each vehicle to the best of our ability. Please read the description and view
the photo’s provided carefully. If more information is required or any part of
the description is unclear, please make contact. More photos can be taken upon
Price excludes all government charges and on road
This listing is Bid to buy, not bid to inspect… 10%
deposit must be made within 2 days of auction end or please contact straight
away to make arrangements. Admin, relisting and ‘timewasting’ fee (2% of
sale value) will be charged to a non-paying bidder. Please do not bid or
make an offer through eBay without intending to finalise the transaction.

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samsonvale, Australia

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