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1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang1969 Ford Mustang

US $29,500.00

Interior Color:Black
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:Yellow
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Convertible

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Sale Price: US $29,500.00
Car location: New Port Richey, Florida, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 21.01.2021

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You are looking at a beautiful example of a recreation of a 1969 GT500 Cobra Tribute, if you are in the market for a Turn key classic car you do not want to miss this one. I am a car collector and Enthusiastic, I purchased this car with great intentions but we are currently investing in some rental property so I have sadly Decided to sell off a few toys. This car has a brand new 347 Documented stroker engine in it, it currently has 750 miles on it I just did the 2nd oil change. It has a 850CFM Carb, Headers, Ported and polished heads, Steal Forged crank, Scat Pistons and Rods. Also has a Custom Grind comp cam ( Stage 2 ) Just installed which makes this car sound AMAZING! sounds like a dragster but not to loud I will try to post a running Video shortly. it also has a full real Cobra Exhaust system that comes out under the rear bumper "Very Rare" to find in any Tribute car. In the rear it has 411 gears in a full tube shortened 9" rear with 31 spline Moser Axles and disk brakes all around the car. The car has Moroso shocks, Ladder bar kit, subframe connectors, and sway bar kit. It also has a upgraded drive shaft and Electric fuel pump stuffed in a 12-14 Gal Fuel cell modified to fit like factory in the trunk. Transmission has been rebuilt as well it is a C6 Trans with a 2500 Stall and aftermarket Ford racing converter.
Do not let the mods fool you, this is a very reliable cruiser, weekend warrior or daily driver. I have driven this car to several car shows and even down HWY 95 it rides very well and is very comfortable. It does have power steering so that makes this beauty a joy to drive and the car stops well. The Tires in rear are Mickey Thomson Sportsmans 29X18.50-15 Fronts 28x7.50-15 and about less then 2500 miles on them. The rims are Weld Drag lights and make this car look great. This car is a unique car and a real head turner it is really fun to drive with the top up or down, it sounds great and puts the power down on demand. This is a car the whole family can get in and enjoy with the top down and the wind blowing in your hair cruising down the beach.
Body & Paint is in really good shape its not a show car but a very good above average driver quality condition with normal wear and Imperfections. The body was restored several years ago but retains the original body panels, glass, and interior. The car is very clean and was Obviously a great candidate for this build considering it was always a southern car. The Floor pans and torque boxes appear to be Original and in great shape the undercarriage of this car is solid probably one of the cleanest original examples I have seen. Body lines are good with the exception of the hood needing a little adjusting the doors shut perfect and the windows go up and down as they should. Interior is believed to be all original with the exception of the after market gauges and switches for the Electric fan and fuel pump. I had the factory clock working but just noticed it stopped, the original Gauges work when they want and the fuel gauge dances a little bit. There is a After market Temp and oil gauge that do work and have been nicely fitted in the car like they belong. Also you will see a Aftermarket Tac installed as well, it works since the original does not. All of the lights and turn signals work even the horn the top is Electric but needs a Fuse I have been putting it up and down manually pretty simple so I have not messed with it.
Overall this is a great car and has had a ton of money invested in it way more then what it is listed for. This car goes straight down the road, it stops, starts every time you turn the key, Shifts good and it is reliable you cant get a better muscle car. I have had no issues with the car and pretty much already worked all of the bugs out of it to the point I would feel comfortable getting in it and driving it anywhere. This is a car you will be proud of driving and owning, these cars are not depreciating only going up in value.
I do have a Clean Title in hand ASKING 29,500 I also know a Affordable & Reliable shipper that will transport the car door to door at the buyers expense. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [hidden information]
$500.00 non refundable deposit due Immediately and Full payment made within 3 business days. Too secure the transaction via mobil app - Zell, Cash App, Vemo, Apple Pay, or we can send you a request using quick books threw our business to secure payment. Pay Pal is not currently a secured payment method due to the class action law suit pending, fraud and Identity theft. I do have a Account with them and its been nothing but problems, just will not do business with a Company I can not Trust. If you are not picking up in person and having the car shipped once deposit is made we will send over a copy of our lic, Business certificate, A legal Bill or sale and agreement. Once full payment is made we will mail the title out Either UPS or USPS with a Tracking number same day. I have been on E bay for a very long time as a car collector mostly but I have also sold some very High end cars and have always retained a Positive feedback score and Professional relationship with anyone buying a item from me. I am a Straight up person and honest guy and thats how I prefer to do business, This is however a Private sale from my personal garage collection there is no added fees just what you pay here.

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New Port Richey, Florida, United States

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