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Sale 1969 MGC Roadster

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1969 MGC Roadster1969 MGC Roadster1969 MGC Roadster

AU $19,500.00

Model:MGC Roadster
Car Type:Collector Cars
Body Type:Convertible
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Car is solid but requires restoration”

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Sale Price: AU $19,500.00
Car location: Morisset, New South Wales, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 8.04.2021

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This rare car is a stalled project that I purchased and imported with three other vehicles in 2019 to fill the container. I would estimate that the car is more than 90% complete, and missing parts should be relatively easy to come by.The body looks to have been stripped to bare metal with underbody work completed and some bodywork completed. The body itself is in excellent condition, with no visible rust, painted in etch green & grey primer. This is quite rare for a >50 year old MGC and would make for an easy restoration. It is pretty much ready to paint.Original color was reported to be BRG with rare biscuit interior, although the Heritage Certificate says it had black interior. Correct MGC low profile seats with ’69 headrests are there as well as trim panels and some original carpet pieces included as shown in attached pics. I do have the original US spec pillow dash and center console if you want to keep original and LHD, but I also have a replacement RHD steering rack and a RHD V8 steel dash to take the smaller 3 ½” diameter US spec gauges. The car is currently setup with LHD steering. I can show what needs to change on my converted RHD MGC I have in the garage.The car has 5x good tires fitted to 5x good painted wire wheels, with new rubber seals and tubes. These are 457C wire wheels 5.5” width x 15”, 72 spoke wheels and are the correct spec wheels for the MGC, per ACWW Australia web site.All the light fittings and door handles (no inner door card trim though) are present. Top door trim and rear cockpit trim pieces are present. Correct MGC folding hood bow and original roof are present. Roof needs replacement. There is also a LHD tonneau included with the car. There is a grille, but with incorrect grill badge and some flaking of chrome in one corner. Front and rear bumpers are present but would need re-chrome.All mechanical parts are present including engine and gearbox, running gear, brake and clutch master, brake lines, radiator, gas tank, fuel line although crimped in one spot, wiring harness (good condition and usable).I am asking $19,500 for the car and can deliver in Newcastle or Sydney area, after your inspection and purchase.Additional photos available here

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Morisset, New South Wales, Australia

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