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Sale 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

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1969 Pontiac Grand Prix1969 Pontiac Grand Prix1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

US $26,900.00

Model:Grand Prix
Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $26,900.00
Car location: Malone, New York, United States
Last update: 29.03.2021

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1969 Pontiac Grand PrixThis one is a Red Model J with the400 cubic inch motor ,350 HP, 4 Barrel CarbAccording to research by Pontiac Historical Services, of 112,486 Grand Prix's made in 1969, less than 200 came equipped with the Burgundy vinyl interior. It is believed this Grand Prix is the only remaining survivor with the combination Matador Red exterior (only offered in '69) / Burgundy interior (also only in '69), making this 1969 Grand Prix a very rare car.>All numbers matching , >PHS verified, >Turbo Hydramatic transmission>Parchment vinyl top , >3.23:1 rear end . >build sheet, >jack and accessories, >owners manual, >warranty booklet, >Pontiac maintenance folioalways Garage keptHas A/C, Rare optionSee photos for detailed descriptionVideo Availablehttps

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Malone, New York, United States

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