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Sale 1970 Mustang Boss Fastback Custom 412 FI

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US $68,500.00

Vehicle Title:Clear
Body Type:Hatchback
Sub Model:Boss Fastback Custom 412 FI
Trim:Boss Fastback Custom 412 FI
Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Black
Transmission Speeds:6
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $68,500.00
Car location: Bismarck, North Dakota, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 9.11.2021

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1970 Ford Mustang Boss Fastback Custom 412 FI 2-Door Hatchback Exterior Color: Red Interior Color: Black Stock Number: B11271 Mileage: Exempt Engine: 512 Fuel: Gasoline Transmission: 6 Speed Manual Title: Clear VIN: 0F02G[hidden information] Vehicle Features & Options Vehicle Description
1970 Ford Boss Fastback Custom
This Pony has been DRASTICALLY upgraded and yet still managed to somewhat keep the vintage look of a 70.The body is finished in a stunning, SUPER NICE Candy Apple RED PAINTcomplementedby a classic Black302 Boss stripes!It also hasnice chrome and polished stainless steel trim.Take a look at the pictures and they will show SMOOTH contours and CRISP body lines! The car presents itself extremely well and the paint is super nicealso. All panel gaps line up well and doors open and close as they should. You can look down every panel with confidence!All trim has been polished to SHINE! The glass on this car iseasy to see through. The grill is in great condition and the headlights are clear as well. All badges are new. The taillights are not weathered in any way and are free of cracks. The bottom of the doors are crisp and sharp! The rocker panels are solid as well. It rides on a setof NEW staggeredwheels.
The interior is in amazing condition as well with high back bucket seats, COMPLETE DAKOTA DIGITAL GAUGE SET!This interior is NICE! The rearseat is nice and the same can be said for the headliner. The carpet is free of any stains also. You will also find a nice stereo with a Retro Sound bluetooth and USB headunit.
As you pop the hood you will notice a well detailed 351 block that is BUILT (412 CI) very well with aCOMPLETE EDELBROCK PERFORMER RPM TOP END KIT that includes aluminum heads, intake and aggresive cam! Fuel is delivered with a Holly SniperFI System that is tuned very well!
You will also notice ceramic coated headers that run to flowmasters exhaust! This car sound incredible at idle and only gets better when you get into the gas! It runs nice and cool with an upgraded aluminum radiator and a big electric fan.
The 412 is paired to a Tremec 6spd and 4:10 geared 9in with Moser hardened axles! This car runs and drives LIKE A BEAST and is fully sorted. Furthermore walking around the car you will find a Wilwood disc brake system (6 piston front and 4 piston rear)in all four corners with Wilwood master cylinder.
Looking under the car you will notice how clean and solid this car really is!
This car is one of the the best put together 70s I have EVER touched and not just in the Modern sense, factory AC, modern Wilwood brakes, drilled slotted rotors... It is nicer to drive than any Mustang I have had on the showroom floor and bigHP TO BOOT! Everything on the car is next to new with about 1700 miles on it. From a Heidts front clip, subframe connectors, Ridetech coilovers in all 4 corners, Ridetech 4 link, to COLD AC and everything in between this car has EVERYTHING for your Pro Touring needs besides a new 5.0!
If you are looking for a SUPER clean, EXTREMELY FAST and collectible car that will do nothing but go up in value and give you hours of enjoyment with your investment this is the car for you!
This is a lot of car for the money and if you have been looking for a clean, somewhat stock looking 70 that will wake your neighbors and make Camaros shake you have found your car!
If you know cars then you will KNOW the amount of money it has taken to get this 70where it is today! Do we expect to get all of the money out of, but the car is WELL WORTH THE ASKING PRICE and more!
If you have any questions please call
Bobat[hidden information]
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Bismarck, North Dakota, United States

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