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Sale 1971 BMW 2002

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US $31,999.00

Engine:M10 Turbo
Power Options:Electrical toggle shutdown
Number of Cylinders:4
Exterior Color:Yellow
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clean
Options:Turbocharged, CD Player
Drive Type:RWD
:“A very unique 2002 that came to us from a client. A Golf Yellow 1971 Roundie, California title, no corrosion we can find, setup with well done complete Turbo boost setup, Getrag 5 speed, Electronic Fuel Injection, upgraded suspension, Corbeau racing seats, special gauge setup, electrical toggle power controls , leather wrap Momo steering wheel. This car can be enjoyed as is or could be modified to be more street or more track. Works for both as is or for very affordable additional charge we can take more to a street or track setup Recently added new 185 70 13 tires and original vintage Mini-lite style 13 inch wheels”
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $31,999.00
Car location: Dallas, Texas, United States
For Sale By: owner
Last update: 9.08.2021

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1971 BMW
2002 Golf Yellow, 5 Speed, Turbocharged, EFI
A solid California 1971 Golf Yellow 2002 with Electronic Fuel Injection, 5 speed, Turbo charged setup. Appears engine computer and entire Turbo setup is from a 4cyl Ford with Garret Turbo. Very well done. This 2002 sits between the street and track. Has power shutdown toggle switch setup for track use but also has all
A summary of some of the key features of this 2002
We build 200?s and other classic cars to order. Have a diverse of vehicles (roundies and
later model 2002) in stock prepped ready finish out your preference. We also provide kits for you to use
including all the stainless bumpers, AC / heat systems, wheels, engine upgrade,
interior upgrades, paint schemes, suspension in new and reconditioned parts.Paint & body work
Appears this car was completely repainted when built. We have done some touchup work where car had a few scratches. would give car a good B+ for paint but not perfect
TrimThis 71 Golf Yellow appears to have its original belt trim, glass, door trim, bumper, headlights, grills are in good condition but not perfect
New 13 inch 185 70 13 tires with 13 inch originalmini-lite style wheels· Interior
· Interior is combination of street and track. Dash is original 3 piece dash with some imperfections. Previous owner but dash cover on but would recommend more repairs or repalcing top section of dash with rebuilt (we have in sto ck)cCarpet in car with no back seatFull roll cage but does not block doors so good for street and track. Is a simple bolt in style roll cage we can remove for you if not desired and install back seat (extra charge)Corbeau racing seats with 4 point racing seat belts in blue
Engine Drive train
E10 M10 2002 engine runs great compression 170 across pistons when we checked
Fresh oil change and filter
Ford ECM and Ford Fuel injection, Ford turbo setup with Garret Turbo charger·
5 speed upgrade clutch shifter all in good working order
New front center drag link with new inner and outer tie rod ends
Wheels and tiresNew 13 inch 185 70 13 tires with 13 inchoriginalmini-lite style wheelsWe stock Alpina, Mini-lite and dozens of original style, 13, 14 and 15 inch wheels if you would like to upgrade a reasonable cost.
Brakes & suspension
A Car has Bilstein rear shocks and assume Bilstein front struts to match but have not disassembled to check. All see goodNNew ball joints, center drag link, inner and outer tie rods all new
HVAC heat and air
·Vehicle does not have factor heater box system. Can be reinstalled We offer completely new Dtechparts HVAC
system. Can installModern heat and air conditioning
evaporator with all new AC components under hood. HVAC system is much the same as would find in
modern car but much more serviceable.
Has electronic actuators for heater control valve and ducts to switch
from AC to defrost /heat. This system could be installed at extra cost
· Stereo and CD players installed in glove box works well
This vehicle is sold AS IS Where IS with no express or implied warranty. We encourage buyers to inspect vehicle in person. It is an extensively updated vehicle but is not new and is not sold with warranty. We can provide support/ service and exchange on many of the parts in the vehicle are new but this is not part of this auction or sale
Other Available modifications at extra charge
Engine upgrades (header, carbs, engine internals
all possible). We can custom build
larger displacement, port and polished high performance engine for additional
Power door locks
Lighting upgrades (LED headlights), driving
lights, fog lights)
Install turbo style fender flares and front spoiler if
prefer this look. All the necessary
removal of lower trim side markers and short euro bumper In place such that no
body work necessary just bolt on flares and front spoiler if you prefer this
look. We have this part in stock
Wheels and tires. We
maintain extensive stock of OEM wheels as well as Panasport Mini lite 15 inch
wheels if you prefer
Other build candidates and parts available
All the parts and parts systems used in this vehicle
available at Dtechparts such that you can incorporate these and other systems
in your 2002. See our other auction for listings of NEW stainless bumpers, stainless belt trim engine components, modern HVAC heat and air conditioning complete kits, wheels, interior, suspension etc.
We also maintain an extensive inventory of classic BMW?s for
custom build to order finish out.1972 BMW 2002 Tii orig Colorado Orange ! No rust, all original with partial new paint, great interior, engine nice getting fuel injection updated with new clutch1973 White 3.0 CS Coupe... rare low mileage sunroof, no rust CS coupe1976 Fjord Blue 2002... nice engine, no rust ready for paint, interior of you choice72 Agave
Green 2002... all prepped for paint, new floor pans car all stripped in black epoxy primer72 sunroof Polaris Silver 2002 ... just perfect build car no rust all complete paint original or update... perfect roundie build car with workind sunroof2 82 320i,73 Sahara Beige 2002 sunroof with Alpina flares, new sunroof system going in... build to look like black and orange Alpina (our plan) or however you likeredone Silver 83 320i S (sport
edition),e36 M3 4 door 5speed black,Redone 71 2800 CS resto-mod in red leather , Polaris silver1983 320i White over blue mechanically excellent repainted in semi gloss white with stripeand many more
Call us 214 352 0868

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Dallas, Texas, United States

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