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Sale 1972 Ford Escort MK1 Cosworth 2 dr - fully rebuilt

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1972 Ford Escort MK1 Cosworth 2 dr  - fully rebuilt1972 Ford Escort MK1 Cosworth 2 dr  - fully rebuilt1972 Ford Escort MK1 Cosworth 2 dr  - fully rebuilt

AU $75,000.00

Fuel Type:Leaded Petrol
Dealer License Number:2401585
Right-Hand, Left-Hand Drive:Right-hand drive
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Metallic Paint:No
Body Type:Sedan
Year of Manufacture:1972
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“see listing”

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Sale Price: AU $75,000.00
Car location: Shell Cove, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 6.03.2021

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72 Escort MK1 Mexico Replica - Cosworth powered
Full nut and bolt rotisserie rebuild
2500 hours have gone into this build .
72 Escort 2 door shell with new floors , sills , door pillars , front panel , steel 1 piece flared guards , steel rear flares , new transmission tunnel adapted for the cosworth gearbox , all stripped to bare and repainted in RS Burnt orange , a period colour .Including 3M satin grey Mexico stripes from Ford historic decal manufacturer.(cost $2k)1000 Hours alone went into this shell with full picture log .Don't think this is the usual tired shell with lumps of fibreglass bonded on and issues hidden .This shell was amazing before i started on it , underneath the carpets is highly polished paint finish then sound deadeningIts as good underneath as it is on the top.
Running gear - ( there is not many of these in the world )Fully rebuilt Sierra RS Cosworth 2.0 YB Engine - New genuine Cosworth pistons , rods , shells , seals , gaskets , sensors - dynamically balanced inc uprated injectors , GTX 35 turbo , Evolution ecu , New stainless exhaust , all new sensors , 3 inch intercooler , paddle clutch , new starter and engine mounts , group a Coil and much more .Rebuilt to approx 400bhpGearbox Rebuilt T5 Cosworth box with new hydraulic Wilwood clutch actuator .Bespoke PropshaftBespoke wiring loom
The above running gear alone is worth $30,000.If your a fan of the cosworth engine ... try and find one complete with everything needed to run... almost impossible .
Borg Warner rebuilt 3.54 diff with Cosworth rear disc conversionFront suspension rebuilt to include new 4 pot wilwood disc brakes and lowered springsGroup A front crossmember and bespoke Cosworth gearbox mountGroup A rally alloy tank and mount ( all new high pressure fuel lines )Swirl pot with twin high pressure bosch 044 pumpsNew battery box in the boot ( new battery and leads)New competition seatsNew carpet and trimsBespoke instrument clusterHalf roll cageNew lights all roundNew window seals all roundNew lock set all round with 1 keyNew 16 inch alloys with yokohama tyres $3k worthNew inertia seat beltsNew bushings all roundNew rear adjustable shocksnew 3 inch lowering blocks to rearNew brake bias pedal box and brake linesPlus much much more ...
This car is 99% finished but i have run out of time and need the cash injection.Requires a little bit of wiring , speedo cable , drivers window .Does drive and run , Engine running sweet .
Note :Before i get a 1000 questions ...You could not build this car to this standard for the asking price .Is it engineered ... No it will require engineering in which ever state it ends up in but has been built to a high standard that should fly through engineering and is still a 2.0 l engine and things like windscreen demister have been installed .What will it take to finish .. i estimate 5k with engineering and few parts .No i wont swap or take trades .I have a queue of people wanting to buy this engine but i would prefer to sell as is to someone that appreciates the package
I know what this car is worth , please don't waste my time or yours .Car is advertised elsewhere .Worldwide container delivery is available

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Shell Cove, Australia

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