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Sale 1972 GMC Sierra 1500 Original Paint, Lowered, 20" Wheels, Pickup

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1972 GMC Sierra 1500 Original Paint, Lowered, 20" Wheels, Pickup

US $42,800.00

Body Type:Pickup Truck
Drive Type:RWD
Model:Sierra 1500
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:Yellow
Number of Doors:2 Doors
Sub Model:Original Paint, Lowered, 20" Wheels, Pickup
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Trim:GMC, Chevy C10, LS2 Swap Short Bed, AC, 4L60E
Vehicle Title:Clean
Manufacturer Exterior Color:Two Tone
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Manufacturer Interior Color:Hounds Tooth
:“Custom Build, LS Swap, Patina Original Paint”

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Sale Price: US $42,800.00
Car location: Springtown, Texas, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 2.10.2021

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1972 GMC 1500 Custom Pickup LS Swap
Amazing Original Paint
Upgrades/ModificationsLowered Suspension5.3 Ltr LS2 SwapAlluminum HeadsHolley Terminator X MaxHeaders4L60E Automatic Trans20" Polished Wheels12 Bolt Built Rear End - New Brakes &HD Locking Rear-EndAluminum RadiatorDual Electric FansAir Intake SystemModern AC/Heater UpgradeDakota Digital GaugesPower Front Disc BrakesTilt Steering WheelNew Interior - Hounds tooth
This Custom Built 1972 GMC 1500 is a Texas survivor converted to an LS2 Swap Custom Short bed. This truck is very fast. The original body and paint looks amazing. The suspension has been modified to lower the truck adding 20" Alloy Wheels. The engine and transmission came out of newer Chevy truck with about 80K miles on it and was professionally fitted, wired and tuned for this build. The swap computer is controlled by a Holley Terminator X Max with a control screen and a professional tune with the matching 4L60E Automatic Trans and registering on Dakota Digital Gauges. Cooling includes dual electric fans with Dakota Blue Tooth Controller and an Aluminum Radiator. Performance Engine upgrades include fuel injectors, a mild cam, Headers and dual exhaust. A Modern AC/Heater system has been installed by Old Air Products. If you have any questions, call Ron at [hidden information] with any questions.
Vehicle Information
TCE142J[hidden information]
Options and Standard Features
LS2 5.3 Ltr V8
4L60E Automatic Trans
Aluminum Radiator
Electric Fans
Polished Air Intake
12 Bolt Built Rear End
Posi Locking Rear End
Holley Terminator X Max
New Old Air Modern AC/Heater
Dakota Digital Gauges
GPS Speedometer
Volt, Temp, Oil Gauges
New Tilt Column
New 15" Original Style Steering Wheel
Front Disc Brakes
Power Brakes
20" Polished Wheels
Basic Information
Original Paint And Body
Short Bed Conversion
New Hounds Tooth Interior
New Door Panels
Original Floor Mat
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Ron Hentschel
[hidden information]
171 Private Road 3803
Springtown Texas 76082
Desirable Autos and Classics
171 Private Road 3803
Springtown Texas 76082
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Ask for:Ron Hentschel
Contact Us
Primary Phone:[hidden information]
1st thing is that we are builders and restorers. Our main business is to build some of the best classics for our clients or that hit the market. Wehave builtcars that sold at World Record pricing to cars for clients that have spent a lot of money to fly them overseas for immediate delivery. We also build bodies, factory OEM to Modified for Custom Projects. The car was sell on ebay are mostly greatfinds that we have purchased to do either minor to no work and to simply resell; as we are a licensed Texas Dealer. If we are selling a car on ebay and it is not one of are builds, we purchased the car because the value on the market supersedes the price or it may be a low mile original that may be worth more then the book value....sobasically, we DO NOT go out and purchase garbage, mask over it and flip online. With that said, we do the best to go over the details we find, and provide all the documentation we can locate. Unless a car is taken apart, you cant know every detail and with any classic car purchase you have a risk vs reward consideration to make. Questions, FaceTime or videos can be directed to the owner, Ron Hentschel at [hidden information].
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Scroll Down to View Over 100 Pictures and Video Link1972 GMC 1500 Custom Pickup LS SwapAmazing Original PaintUpgrades/ModificationsLowered Suspension5.3 Ltr LS2 SwapAlluminum HeadsHolley Terminator X MaxHeaders4L60E Automatic Trans20" Polished Wheels12 Bolt Built Rear End - New Brakes &HD Locking Rear-EndAluminum RadiatorDual Electric FansAir Intake System

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Springtown, Texas, United States

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