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Sale 1973 Ford Maverick

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1973 Ford Maverick

US $29,950.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Coupe
Number of Cylinders:8
:“This Car Is In Very Good Condition! Someone Spent Alot Of Money And Time Building It! You Could Not Build It For What We Are Asking. We Have Walk Around Videos We Can Text You 203-592-2478 Or Send Us Your Email And We Will Email Them To You. Additional Pictures On Our Website”

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Sale Price: US $29,950.00
Car location: Waterbury, Connecticut, United States
Last update: 16.10.2021

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Appointment Only. Please Do Not Just Show Up At The Dealership Without An
Appointment As The Vehicles Are Not At The Dealership. Please Call [hidden information]
For An Appointment To See The Car. We Have Videos Of The Car Running We Can
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Thank You.
You Are Looking At A 1973 Ford Maverick That Has Had Extensive Work Done To! This Is Not Your Grandmas Maverick! The Car Has Been Tubbed And Has A Full Roll Bar Setup! The Paul Anthony Race Engine Is A 351 Bored And Stroked To A 427! The Engines Crankshaft Is A Steel 4.170, Rods Are 2.100 Mains Are 3.000, Connecting Rods 4340 H-Beam 6.200L .927/2.100! The Pistons Are Forged Probe 4.030 Bore Dish Top! Rings Are Total Seal 1/16 1/16 3 mm with Ring Gap Top 0.24 Second .019. Rod Bearings 77 Clevite CB 831P. Main Bearings 77 Clevite MS-1432P. Rod And Main Clearance.0025. Piston To Wall Clearance .0052. Piston To Deck For Compression Of 10.5.1 (+/-.2). Balance 280z. Rods Torque Specks 63t-lb With Moly, Mains 95 ft lbs dry and Heads 100 ft lbs. There Is A Mallory Billit Compitition Distributer With Mallory Box. The Redneck Performance c6 Loaded Transmission Has A Trans Brake Valve Body For Full Manual Shifting With Reverse Shift Patters. It Has Rollerized Gearset With Hardened Input Shaft, Reinforced Forward Drum, Billet Servo, Deep Pan, High Performance Frictions Rated At 650 HP! Dyno Tested Prior To Install! The Transmission Has A c-4 9.5" Custom Stalled Convertor-Fab Cover 26 Spline 157T. Stall Code 0-082 3000 Stall in 427 SBF W 600 HP! The TCI Lightening Shifter Not Only Looks Great But Works Incredible! This Car Is FUN To Drive!
The Rear is A Ford 9" Detroit Locker Rear End Has 4.10 Gears! The Suspension Has Adjustable Coil Overs With A Custom 4 Link Adjustable Suspension! This Car is Ready For The Streets Or Track! The Rear Wheelie Bars Are Easily Removable. Previous Owner Used the Car Mainly For Car Shows. The Paint Is Nice But Does Have Some Flaws On The B Pillers Where The Old Cars Are Leaded. You Can Only See When You Get Close to The Car Other Wise You Do Not See them. We Have Some Paint That Comes With The Car. If You Want To Repair It. Other Then Those Flaws The Paint Job Is Very Nice! The Interior Is In Very Good Condition! Door Panels, Rugs, Dash, Headliner Are All In Great Condition! There Are Extra Gauges Added To Keep An Eye On The Vitals. Full Race Cage That Is Painted To Match! Racing Seats With RJS Racing Harnes's! I Cant Say It Enoughf That You Can not Build This Car For What We Are Asking!
Are Selling This Car As Is No Warranty. Sorry It Is 48 Years Old! We Reserve
The Right To End The Auction Early As It Is For Sale Locally. We have The Original Title From This Car Was New! Was Owned By A Little Old lady Originally! We Also Have A Connecticut
Registration And Bill Of Sale That You Will Use To Register The Car. There Are No Titles On Cars Over 20 Years Old In
Connecticut. We Have The CT MVD Paperwork Verifying This. Please Check With
Your State Or Country Before Bidding. A $500 Non Refundable Deposit Is Due At
Auctions End. We Will Not Refund Your Deposit If You Change Your Mind, Your
Spouse Wont Let You Buy It, Your Dog Ate Your Money, You Accidentally Hit Buy
It Now (Impossible As Other Steps However People Have Tried To Say It Happened
Despite Having Many More Steps To Send The Deposit) Etc... Sorry Ebay Does Not
Refund Listing Fees. If You Make A Offer We Will Automatically Decline The
Offer As If We Accept It Will End Our Auction Without Giving Us A Deposit. If
We Accept Your Offer We Will Change The Buy It Now To Your Offer After
Declining It. Sorry This Is The Only Way To Protect Ourselves Form Non Paying
Buyers. Shipping Is The Buyers Responsibility. We Will Assist Your Shipper The
Best We Can. If You Do Not Have A Shipper We Can Refer One. Final Payment Due
Within 3 Business Days. We Accept Bank Checks ( Out Of State Bank Checks Can
Take Up To 10 Business Days To Clear) Wire Transfers (Clear The Same Day) And
Cash In Person. Good Luck Bidding!

Contact Details

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States

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