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Sale 1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series

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1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series1973 Mercedes-Benz 200-Series

US $8,600.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Long term Portland, Oregon car. Nice driving, solid, straight, unmolested original. Sold rockers and undercarriage. Original radio works perfectly. Power sunroof, AC, power windows, power steering, power brakes. The lower portion has had paintwork, and the upper half appears to be the original factory finish. The factory color code is 624, and the finish looks great. Original interior, other than the front seats. The front seats are very nice MB Tex, whilst the rear is the original leather seat the car was originally equipped with. The color of the front seats are the same as the originally equipped units. They look great, and the seat foams are not deteriorated, very comfortable. Non smoker, no odor. All windows, sunroof, lights and signals work as they should.”

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Sale Price: US $8,600.00
Car location: Tuscola, Illinois, United States
Last update: 23.01.2021

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Here is a nice driving, solid, Mercedes w108, from the great Northwest.The former long term owner was located in Portland Oregon.The car is mostly original. The finish from body side molding up, is the original factory finish, in the striking color of Mercedes Yellow, code 624. The interior appears all original except the front seats, are MB TEX and the rear seat is leather. Door panels, carpet, headliner, dash and radio are all original. The factory power sunroof works, as well.The 4.5 liter V8 starts quickly and runs smoothly. The transmission was rebuilt by a transmission shop in Portland,andshifts, sure and true. The tires are Michelin and in great condition. The car brakes as it should, smooth and progressive.Climate controls work fine, heat and AC. The lights, signals and flashers work fine. Condition between #2 and #3+. Priced to sell fast.We will have the car for sale locally as well. We are located in a small, rural community, utilize eBay Motors and Hemmings to promote our inventory.Bid with confidence, as we have sold fine automobiles from coast to coast, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, The UK, all over Europe and New Zealand. We can assist in overseas shipping, or transport. Just send us your zip code or preferred port for a fast quote.Here is a short video of the car.
Thank you, and good luck.
Cooper Motors, LLC[hidden information]

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Tuscola, Illinois, United States

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