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Sale 1974 ROVER P6B V8

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1974 ROVER P6B V81974 ROVER P6B V81974 ROVER P6B V81974 ROVER P6B V81974 ROVER P6B V8

AU $5,700.00

Type of Title:Clear Title
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Very good condition for a 46 year old car, major work undertaken this year”

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Sale Price: AU $5,700.00
Car location: Romsey, VIC, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 19.12.2020

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Extensive work was done on this car April this year, new bushes on the front and rear end, new rear struts, welsh plugs all changed, new water pump, reco radiator and heater core, carbys rebuilt by Wilsons in Tullamarine, 2.5" mild steel exhaust by Sharp Exhausts in Sunbury, new vinyl roof (aussie nylex) and I do have photos of the roof prior to it being thrown, new engine and transmission mounts, I have extensive photos of underneath the car and can email them at request, there is an original Rover roof rack too with the purchase plus workshop manuals and parts catalogue, along with a box of misc spares.Two small rust bubbles on LHS rear passenger door no rust anywhere else no cracks in chassis, at some point the car has had a closed door respray by a previous owner and could do with a cut, apart from that the car is on a club permit so not transferable and will be sold without RWC, it passed one in April 2020.

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Romsey, VIC, Australia

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