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Sale 1974 Studebaker Avanti

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1974 Studebaker Avanti

US $10,500.00

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Sale Price: US $10,500.00
Car location: Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Last update: 23.12.2021

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Vehicle Details
1974 Studebaker Avanti II. Restored in mid-80’s, per plaque on console. 400 CI small block SBC, runs well. Automatic trans, shifts out nice. Chrome valve covers. Aluminum intake. New Quadro-jet 4 bbl. carb, 180 HP. HEI ignition. Nice exhaust system. Dayton wire wheels, 15 x 7, real knockoffs, with lead hammer, (Wheels are original Daytons, but not to this particular car.). New tires, (only 2 or 3 miles driven on same). Good “driver’s” paint job (looks good on the road). Nice interior, new front seats recently completely done original. New fuel system and lines, new gas tank. Recent brake work all around, new hard-to-find Studebaker power brake booster. Tilt steering column, completely rebuilt, new steering knuckle joint. New battery with on/off disconnect. Have the back seat, needs reinstalled -- (took it out to put new tank in). Pro-installed sunroof done in the mid 80’s. Needs rear window reinstalled (is caulked in place so won’t fall out). Comes with the original rubber and original stainless that slides in the rubber. Two electric windows need motor work. You can hear one window motor running, other has no sound, might need new switch (unknown). Windshield has a few stress cracks in the upper corners, but still in good shape. Frame and troughs are solid. Recent oil change and tune-up. Comes with original window sticker, boxes of Studebaker books, as well as owner/operator manual, and a custom fitted weatherproof cover. Buyer is responsible for pick up or delivery. Please contact me if you have any questions.
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Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

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