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Sale 1977 Chevrolet G10 Van Classic

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US $12,500.00

Engine:305 V8
Number of Cylinders:8
Model:G10 Van
Transmission:Manual "3-on-the-tree"
Interior Color:Brown
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Tan
Drive Type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Van Camper
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
:“Make me a cash offer now....partial/trade maybe”
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $12,500.00
Car location: Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 24.08.2021

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Fixed price with best offer option...make your serious, reasonable cash offer now.Relisting due to non-committed buyer. Please be ready to go when making your offer.May consider partial/trade as me now.
Just how many colloquialisms can I use to describe this awesome van?Barn-Find, One-Owner, One of a Kind, Original, Low-Mileage, Vintage, Classic, Retro.......I feel I should just shut up and let the van speak for itself frankly but here goes let's have some fun....
Factory specs:305 cubic inch V8 engineDocumented 102k Original MilesManual, Three On The Tree TransmissionG10 half-ton Chevy VanNo air conditioning (from the factory)No power steering (from the factory)
Vehicle condition:NO RUST OR ROT, only a couple external stains from the roof drip lip (see pics)Engine cranks and runs wonderfully, as does the transmission and clutch!102k original miles backed by numerous vehicle registrations and state inspection receipts etc.New Firestone Radials mounted on factory steel wheelsNew Front disc brakes, disc pads, calipers, bearings, caps, brake fluid flushed completely.New Rear brakes, shoes, adjusters, hardware and springs.New Master CylinderNew BatteryFresh engine oil change and filter, lube svc.Fuel tank and lines drained, purged, flushed and reassembled, fresh fuel installed110V cord extended to the exterior that can be used to run interior camping accessories etc.Sink w/ small counter top (not plumbed, used jugged water as I understand with an external pipe drain)Wood Paneling was installedCustom bed installed.Rides well, no shakes no shimmies/no knocking turning
Original 8-track player installed and operational!!Analog style CB Radio with PA speaker mounted under the hood and functional
Vehicle story- Please read:I bought this local North Carolina van because it is simply so damn cool and I have a hard time passing up an cool opportunity. I often modernize and customize older classic vehicles and had that intention with this one....until I dug into the vehicle and let it all sink in. The amazing history of this particular van is very rare and even more rarely documented, I simply refuse to touch it. Included with this van is a slew of old school road maps that the original owner undoubtedly used as his "navigation system" while traveling during his able-years. The original sales invoice and receipt from the dealership, majority of the state inspection receipts, and registration cards also bolster the information as true and factual and substantiate all that I have been told about this van's history. I understand this van was ordered by him from the local Chevrolet Dealer brand new in 1977 and he took delivery of the van in person with the listed factory equipment as seen in the invoice/build sheet included and seen in the pics, including the factory steel painted rear bumper, and the two factory front seats. The rest of what you see is his creation of a camping functional interior, and a stowed roll out canopy as seen on the side/top. As told, the van was used regularly for camping and travel excursions all over the country in its early years, but as the owner's ability to travel as often, the van sat in a barn/shed literally since early 2000's with only an occasional rinse off and around the block drive to keep it fresh. It has rarely seen rain ever while sitting and has always been sheltered when not on those grand excursions. The paint is, as I am told factory original and never seen a body shop for anything, and I have to say I do not see anything to the contrary after seeing it myself, frankly needed a good bath after digging her out or hibernation! Man this is a cool van.I am happy to take any pictures additional you may request, just contact me with what you want. I have several of the paperwork mentioned also...original sales invoices, registrations, campground parking slips etc.I don't intent to make my fortune on this one vehicle, but I do truly believe in the worth of such a well preserved and well cared for classic van, coupled with its functionality and storied history, I feel I have priced it well for a new owner that can take it to the next period of its life. On that note, if you bid and you win...YOU ARE CONTRACTUALLY BOUND BY LAW to complete the purchase and pay for the vehicle for the price in which you agreed to pay under the legalities of this listing. If it does not sell by this listing, I will keep the van and happily move on to the next method of offering it for sale.
Selling as-is, no warranty, no refund, no exchange, no exceptions.Local pick up or Buyer is responsible for transport/shipping.Although I have driven this van locally quite a bit, given the nature of what it is currently fresh out of storage, and although reasonable and prudent measures have been taken to whip the vehicle into drivable shape, I may recommend the van be trailered or transported/shipped home if you are out of the local areaVehicle must be paid in full before the car is released to you.I have this vehicle listed by other means and reserve the right to end this listing and cancel all bids and offers early if it sells accordingly.

Contact Details

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

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