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Sale 1977 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow ~ II

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US $42,900.00

:“All Rolls-Royces & Bentleys offered by the Park-Ward Motors Museum are subject to complete inspection by experienced & trained Rolls-Royce craftsmen. Anything requiring repair is attended to professionally & without compromise. This is something we are very proud of & upon which our reputation is built. Of course you are still buying a used car that is subject to the normal course of age, but our cars are restored, serviced & thoroughly work shopped examples prior to being offered for sale. Then once sold, undergo an intensive predelivery commissioning process to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. So thorough is this process, that we require a minimum 14 day period to complete. No one else selling a Rolls-Royce does this, so it makes good sense to buy thru us. A Rolls-Royce from us is, by far, in much better condition than any other you will typically find. As such, you may not be buying the cheapest price Rolls-Royce but you will certainly be buying the best! This is our promise.”Year:1977VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):SRX-031398Mileage:42000Engine:6.75 Litre Rolls-Royce V8Power Options:Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power SeatsModel:Silver ShadowNumber of Cylinders:8Sub Model:~ IITransmission:AutomaticInterior Color:Biscuit-tan Connolly leather interiorFuel Type:GasolineExterior Color:Chestnut (metallic)Trim:~ IIMake:Rolls-RoyceVehicle Title:ClearDrive Type:Rear wheel driveBody Type:4 door sedanWarranty:Warranty offeredOptions:Cassette Player, Leather Seats

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Item Location:Barrington, Illinois, United States

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Sale Price: US $42,900.00
Car location: Barrington, Illinois, United States
Last update: 9.11.2021

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Silver Shadow II1977 Rare Euro spec car
~ Presented
as its“creator” intended ~
Beautifully presented in Chestnut
(metallic) with hand-painted gold fine-lines to the waist rails and hubcap
beauty rings. It has an Everflex top in tan factory fitted. The interior is finished in biscuit tan Connolly hides.
This is a “Rest Of the World”
(“ROW) or otherwise referred to as a European specification Shadow II and, as
such, is manufactured to true Rolls-Royce designs. It has the correct
specification chrome and rubber bumpers and not the over-protruding “5 mile an
hour” bumpers developed for American standards. Stand back and look at profile
pictures of Euro spec Silver Shadows and you will see it has better lines with
a more “integrated” look.
The engines fitted to Euro spec cars were of a higher compression and also without the
plethora of anti-pollution “add-ons” (which did very little) providing not only
for more horse-power but less maintenance cost. The gas tank is located as per
earlier Shadows with the filler cap on the right rear quarter panel as opposed
to the left rear “C” pillar for all US-spec cars. Subtle differences include
the plush Everflex-leather head-liner, dash padding and finer chrome and trimmings
throughout the interior, as well as the exterior, which were not available on
American cars.
Being a Euro car, it has a
front air-dam (spoiler) fitted with Lucas fog lamps and covers in the front and
rear red fog-lamps to the rear, with the number plate mounted below the front
bumper and not on it. These are all unique to non-US specification cars.
The car was originally
delivered by the Rolls-Royce authorized dealer in Geneva, Switzerland to one of
the Consular Generals' office. Within the first 15 years it was transported to
the US for private use.
This car is well known to us as we have been servicing her for its previous
caretaker for the last 7 years. As you would expect, she is in top mechanical and
operational condition.
It is a totally rust-free car
that presents in stunningly original condition.
The body is straight with the
paint presenting very nice. Most of the paint is original and only shows small
blemishes and marks with minor buff-through marks on some edges. The front
valance does have some stone chips but not overly objectionable. The colour
"Chestnut" is a beautiful deep maroon/brown that presents as a rich
dark golden bronze in bright sun but then takes on a very formal dark maroon-ish
brown appearance in subdue light and night-time. Very stunning and not often
seen in the US market. The factory fitted Everflex top, a more common feature seen on European cars, is in outstanding condition.
The interior is in amazing
condition with the leather in immaculate condition. There are no rips, tears or
fading. They are also super supple and soft - not like cardboard as you find in many examples. There are only the normal crease lines on the seats which occur
naturally with Connolly hide leather. The leather has never been redyed so it
shows the Connolly, Vaumol Luxan grain that was a key feature on Silver Shadow
motor cars. A great welcome with true “original Vaumol leather” is the colour
characteristics. If you look at the pictures of the interior, there are some
close up shots that clearly show the colour is not just plain tan, but with a “burnished”
tone to the leather. You can see the rich ochre tan base and then in the fine
natural grain and pores of the leather is a darker tone. This natural quasi
“antique” leather look (like a Chesterfield couch) was achieved by the hand rubbing
Vaumol Connollising technique that made this leather so famous. Leather that
has been re-dyed by typical methods is “mono-toned” featuring only the 1
primary colour. As such, it lacks depth and richness that unrestored Connolly
hide has to offer. Please, if you look at the interior in this gorgeous car, and you think the leather looks dirty then, respectfully, you are not "getting it" and perhaps a Rolls-Royce of this period is not for you. Kindly do NOT ask us to redye, as Connolly leather in this original presentation, condition and just the right amount of patina as you see is very hard to find and we simply could not bring ourselves to lose that - no matter how much you pay!
The burr walnut wood
throughout the car is stunning. They are also completely original and have not
been redone. They are not flawless but in excellent condition with only some
slight imperfections in the lacquer on the driver front door capping. The
remaining three doors are pretty much perfect. The colour is deep, the grain rich and the
finish smooth.With the added bonus of a
gift from Mother Nature, the burl walnut grain is very deep and detailed
presenting a very rich grain. Absolutely stunning! Carpets are clean and in good
condition. On Euro spec cars, the headliner was never broadcloth wool but a
nicer finish using “Ambla” (a high-end vinyl or leatherette material). The beauty
of Ambla headliner is that looks like leather and remains as-new its whole
life. This one is just that; as new. The dash top and forward roll are the same
for Euro spec cars.
All items, functions and
features are working as they should with the heater nice and warm and the A/C
blowing icy cold. The car does have a more modern CD/radio installed in the position of the 8-track which could easily be switched back if you are a purist. The Pioneer cassette/radio combination in the upper centre console is the correct type as available in Europe.
Mechanically, the car has
been workshop tested and any work carried out as required. This includes
pressure testing the hydraulics, bleeding the brakes and ensuring all is
working correctly. Various integral parts of the system have been overhauled as
required with new hoses fitted. The car stops surely and firmly. The ride of
this car is considerably better than an average example without any of the
typical rattles, thumps or knocks often experienced on these models. Clearly, a
well-maintained vehicle. The engine is very smooth and the lack of anti-pollution
“add-ons” is evidenced by a noticeable increase in power compared to US
specification cars. Mileage is not verifiable but is consistent with the
condition of the car (if anything, the excellent condition of the car looks
like the car has done considerably fewer miles).
This is beautiful condition Rolls-Royce Shadow II and a hard to find “pure”
of the marque given its European delivery.
Notwithstanding its
exceptional condition, it remains sensibly priced. ~~
International bidders are
always welcome.
For extra photos on this fine example go to the link below.
The photos are of super high resolution so if you right click on any, you can zoom in and see every little detail and defect in considerable detail.
Click HERE to see additional photos!
Click HERE to see walk-around video
Click HERE to see additional photos!
Click below for video
Click HERE to see walk-around video
A note from RRMOTORSINC:
For those Rolls-Royce enthusiasts who have followed my auctions in the past I welcome you all. For those who are new to my adverts and/or the marque, please note that as a serious collector of some 30 years, all my cars are truly described examples. I have my own private Rolls-Royce workshop (not open to the public but dedicated to my own cars and fellow RR enthusiasts) with trained Rolls-Royce craftsmen who are proficient in all aspects. As a team, we are dedicated to the preservation of the marque and as such, any car that leaves the stable is completely inspected and work-shopped to ensure mechanical and operational items are maintained appropriately. We adopt a “keep it original” mentality with pride and confidence, offering after sales technical support and assistance well beyond the sale. Because most of my cars are offered for the pleasures of driving enjoyment it is not always possible or practical to seek perfection (in the true sense of the word) but we do always uphold excellence in whatever we do. Our cars are by no means cheap priced cars but we like to think they are amongst the best. To this end, I firmly believe in the famous adage; “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten." We hope you do to.
We at Park-Ward Motors – the things we do.
When our Rolls-Royces are commissioned for resale, they are indeed professionally and correctly “fully work-shopped”. No corners are cut. And it is all addressed in true Crewe tradition. There is way too much to list here but to give you an example of our commitment to excellence of the various processes, this is one such example of what we do:
Doors and windows:-
Every car has its interior door panels removed. If the wood is in need of repair (as most are) it is refinished in-house by trained and talented craftsmen at Park-Ward Motors. This is a detailed process of stripping the wood of its old lacquer, repairing the veneer if there is damage, staining the top surface as per Rolls-Royce methodology and refinishing with no less than 25 coats of clear lacquer. Hand wet-sanded and polished between all of its last 15 coats. New window felt guides and wood-to-glass foam seals are fitted. All window mechanisms are checked and serviced for smooth and efficient up and down movement. This includes an electrical modification to rectify the typical “slow window syndrome”. All tracks, chains and gears are lubricated. Where central locking is fitted, these are all serviced to ensure no “solenoid sticking”, another common problem. Units are repaired and or changed as required for refurbished units. Door wiring and door-to-body wiring is checked, repaired and/or replaced as required. The splash plastic on the inside of the doors to protect the leather panels from rain splash from inside the door is replaced with correct specification black plastic as used by the factory. Cut to shape and glued in position as per original. All door hardware is checked and repaired as required including locks, handles and scuttle finishes. The door is reassembled with all items cleaned and polished. The wood refitted and the leather panels are re-Connollised before final fitment.
Take this example and apply it to the many, many different aspects of Rolls-Royce restoration, service and maintenance and you have our dedication to correct and professional vehicle pre-delivery preparation and commissioning.~~ **Please note: As a professional collector and experienced restorer, I have my own Rolls-Royce dedicated workshop with qualified craftsmen on hand; The Park-Ward Motor Museum. As a passionate collector of the marque I take great pride and pleasure in passing on any of these great cars to its next owner (“caretaker”). In so doing, once this Rolls-Royce is sold, I will put the car thru my workshop to ensure that it is mechanically sound and all major features and functions are operating as described even though the car is contractually being sold "as-is". Certain items such as final electrical tests and hydraulic pressure checks are usually left for this stage as these are considered "commissioning procedures". In this case, this will include the air conditioning system of this car. This and considerable other work will be performed after the sale and before delivery. This is all done at NO CHARGE. Who else selling a Rolls-Royce on eBay does this?! Depending on our work load, please allow approximately 14-21 business days for this procedure. For more information on the Park-Ward Motor Museum and our skills, please eBay message me and I would be happy to show you some 100 Rolls-Royces restored to varying levels over the last few years ~~
*Please note this exclusion: the advertised or
"Buy it Now" price is a price whereby we are committed to do repair
work on the car if we see something "not right". This may occur after
the sale and before delivery. It is our commitment to excellence. So, to be
clear, if the agreed selling price is less than 85% of the initial asking
price, then the sale is considered a wholesale "as-is" sale. To put
it simply, and to be fair, a buyer cannot expect to buy "cheap" and
get all the benefits otherwise associated with a retail value type.
**PLEASE read auction terms and conditions below BEFORE making an offer.**~~ Important note: the $2,000 deposit is due within 24 hours. If not paid,
or if no contact is received within that period, we reserve the right to offer
the car to any other party.~~~~oo00oo~~This
Rolls-Royce is part of a private collection. Although licensed and bonded, I am
not a main-stream retail car dealer or broker; I am a professional car
collector of some 30 years with considerable experience and knowledge of
Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars. I have a long standing reputation being
associated with the marque which I take seriously. I take pride in my cars and
have fun in collecting and restoring them. However, auctions are not a game so
when you place a bid or offer, and you are the winning bidder, please
understand you have entered a binding contract. You cannot bid and win the
auction and expect not to meet the terms and conditions. Bidding and/or winning
does not mean you are expecting me to “hold” the car until you have the
opportunity to inspect it. Any inspection contemplated must be undertaken
BEFORE you bid or make an offer and I openly welcome any potential buyer to
come and personally inspect the car. Please note, however, we do NOT allow 3rd
party inspectors because history has sadly proven, they are not worth their
weight in salt. Do not waste your time nor money - come yourself and we will go
over the car in detail with you. Once you bid or make an offer, you are doing
so to buy WITHOUT conditions. Your bid can not be subject to anything. A
$2000.00 deposit (non-refundable) is required within 24 hours of the close of
the auction and payable by PayPal. The balance of funds are required within 7
days of the close of the auction and must be provided by cashier’s check or
bank wire. I cannot accept PayPal for the balance unless you are willing to
meet the cost of transfer fees. Full payment must be made (and payments
cleared) before the title and/or the vehicle is released. All payments are
non-refundable. Payments as described above form an important part of this
purchase contract and so, if all the funds are not received as outlined above,
I reserve the right to terminate the transaction without notice. If there has
been any deposit or other part payments received and I elect to terminate the
contract, I reserve the right to keep any such deposits or payments and resell
the vehicle to another bidder or interested party or re-list the vehicle at any
time. To be clear, if you change your mind for ANY reason and do not complete
the transaction in the time-frame required, you will forfeit your deposit. I am
happy to assist with shipping arrangements on a national and worldwide basis
but the winning bidder takes full responsibility for pickup and/or shipping and
at his cost.
As a collector and experienced restorer of the marque, I make every
effort to bring my cars to a high standard. By comparison, my cars are
generally superior to others available but they are by no means perfect. You
must expect some issues. Unless specifically stated, the car is not of show
standard but of nice "driver" condition. Please understand, show cars
of this model cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve and sell for
prices commensurate, so the sale price of this car reflects its relative
condition. You are buying "condition" accordingly. Buyers should not
expect to receive concours quality or "perfect" cars at these prices.
Please also understand, the very nature of these classic Rolls-Royces is such
that it is not always possible to attend to every item, or perhaps I may have
inadvertently overlooked items. Further, and very importantly, these cars are
classic cars also because they are old. So this means a 40 year old car is
predominantly comprised of 40 year old parts. And old parts will fail. All
buyers must understand and expect that things can or will wear out, break
and/or stop functioning without notice. This is even more likely with
hand-built English cars of early technology when compared to the typical
American car of the same vintage. Please note, fitted radio/stereo systems are
usually subject to upgrade by purchasers so I do not ensure operation of these.
Similarly, cruise control systems fitted to these classics were of an inferior
design and I do not check or warrant the operation of these. Suspension and
brakes on these cars are complex. We thoroughly check them and replace things
that are identified faulty. But please understand, by example; if we change a
brake line because it appears aged or faulty, we do NOT at the same time
replace all other lines because they are of similar age. This is considered
"preventative maintenance". We do not do this unless specifically
requested and is not included in the purchase price. Feel free to ask for this
additional service. Further, a feature or function that is working perfectly
one moment, may decide to play-up the next. After all, it is some 40 years old.
This is the nature of any classic car and especially a Rolls-Royce which was
very "complicated" for its era. For this reason it is necessary for
the following condition:
The vehicle is being sold "as-is/where-is" with no warranty
expressed, written or implied. Any descriptions or representations are made
with reasonable judgment and all efforts are made to ensure fair assessment and
accuracy but they are for descriptive and identification purposes only and are
not to be construed as a warranty of any type. The seller shall not be
responsible for errors in description, authenticity, genuineness, or defects
herein and makes no warranty in connection therewith. If any aspect of the
description contradicts what can be seen in the photos, then the photos shall
prevail as the reference point. No allowance or set aside will be made on
account of any incorrectness, unforeseen imperfection, defect or damage. It is
the responsibility of the buyer to have satisfied himself as to the condition
and value and to bid based upon that judgment solely. The seller shall and will
make every reasonable effort to disclose any known defects at the buyer’s
request prior to the close of the auction. Seller assumes no responsibility for
any repairs regardless of any written or oral statements about the
vehicle.Being a classic car in excess of 10 years of age, in
the mileage may be recorded as “exempt”. In this regard the seller makes no
warranties as to the accuracy of the mileage indicated or shown and accepts no
responsibility for any discrepancy with independent reports such as Carfax,
AutoCheck, etc.In this regard the seller makes no warranties as
to the accuracy of the mileage indicated or shown. I can hold the vehicle up to
30 days while you arrange shipping but you must immediately insure it. I will
not bear any responsibility for any additional costs including storage,
transportation, or repair after the close of the auction. Whereas I am happy to
store the car in excess of 30 days from auction end, a cost of $35 per day shall
apply beyond 30 days of auction end. Also, you must remember that this is a
classic +/-40 year old vehicle, and while it is up to you, I do not recommend
that you just “hop in and drive it across the country”until you have
familiarised yourself with the car. At least, I have never done that. I have
always professionally transported the cars in enclosed carriers from where I
bought them to my home.
I am sorry if these terms seem harsh but there seem to be some very
unrealistic buyers out there - fortunately, only few of these people exist but
those that do can make life difficult, so it appears EVERYTHING needs to
spelled out. Very simply put, this is an old car being offered for sale. It is
not new and is subject to the perils of age. Further, Rolls-Royces are not
without nuances, idiosyncrasies and they are renown for a host of design issues
which can make them not inexpensive to maintain. This is well documented in
many circles. You need to be a special and considerate type of purchaser to
Their down-side is part of the fun in owning them! As the old saying goes;
"we love to hate them and hate to love them!" So, please respect the
terms and conditions when you bid.
~~ **IMPORTANT NOTE: As a professional collector and experienced restorer, I have my own Rolls-Royce & Bentley dedicated workshop with qualified craftsmen on hand; The Park-Ward Motor Museum. As a passionate collector of the marque I take great pride and pleasure in passing on any of these great cars to its next owner (“caretaker”). In so doing, once this Bentley is sold, I will put the car thru my workshop to ensure that it is mechanically sound and all major features and functions are operating as described even though the car is contractually being sold "as-is". Certain items such as final electrical tests and hydraulic pressure checks are usually left for this stage as these are considered "commissioning procedures". In this case, this will include the air conditioning system of this car. This and considerable other work will be performed after the sale and before delivery. This is all done at NO CHARGE. We call this; "Predelivery Commissioning". Who else selling a Rolls-Royce or Bentley on eBay does this?! Depending on our work load, please allow approximately 14-21 business days for this procedure. We will keep you posted every step of the way. For more information on the Park-Ward Motor Museum and our skills, please eBay message me and I would be happy to show you some 200 Rolls-Royces restored to varying levels over the last few years ~~VALUES:
Show car: $55,000+
Exceptional: $45-55,000
Excellent: $35-45,000
Good: $25-35,000
Average: $20-25000
Fair: $10-20,000
Basket case: < $10,000

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Barrington, Illinois, United States

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