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Sale 1979 GMC Sierra 3500

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1979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 35001979 GMC Sierra 3500

US $500.00

Model:Sierra 3500
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $500.00
Car location: Eureka, Montana, United States
Last update: 7.01.2021

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This is a clean older GMC pickup truck. It was a cab/chassis from the factory, and it has the somewhat rare extended wheelbase in the 4x4 model. The flatbed could have been added when it was new at the dealer, not sure. This pickup looks good and would look pretty cool with a lift and bigger tires. I envisioned a small lift and 35" tires. These old duallys look cool lifted. Below are all the details on the truck. Feel free to ask questions. Clear Montana title.
This gmc has a small block V8. I have not checked the codes, but according to the vin it had a 350 new. I can check the suffix code and see for sure if it matters to you. This has the 4-speed manual with the granny low. The motor runs really nice and smooth. It does not smoke at all, even when cold. The choke works as it should and it starts right up even in 20 degree weather. This has the quadrajet 4-barrel. The engine has no ticks or knocks. It idles smooth and has no misses. It runs cool and has no oil in the water or water in the oil. It has great oil pressure, even when warmed up. It seems to have good power but I haven't hotrodded it or anything. The engine appears stock. The truck has newer exhaust that exits in front of the rear wheels. It isn't real loud, even when you rev it up. I'm sure some of you may prefer to add tailpipes but it isn't needed. The clutch works fine and doesn't slip or jump. All gears works well in the transmission. You have to be going slow to downshift from 3rd to 2nd. It doesn't really affect driving, but some people get in the habit of downshifting to help slow you down and you really can't do that with this truck. Maybe it's just this specific transmission, I'm not sure. Upshifting from first to second is fine. All the other gears work fine. The transfer case and 4x4 work fine. I tried it in 4 low too. The brakes and power steering work fine as they should. The parking brake does not appear to be hooked up. I haven't checked it out. Heater and defrost work fine. Wipers work. The lights and signals work fine but the cab lights don't work so I'm assuming they are unhooked. The the tires have low tread but appear to be in ok condition. I have only driven the truck about 45mph to test all the gears. It drives fine but I did not have it up to highway speeds because I don't have license/insurance on it. I've checked all the fluids and everything was fine. There is the usual old-truck seepage, but no leaks of any concern.
The body is in pretty good shape. It was originally white, and has an older orange paint job on it. It's not a real nice paint job but looks ok and is a 20-30 footer. It had a business sign on the drivers side that was pulled off and it took some of the paint off with it. The sheetmetal has very little rust but I'll detail what it has. The front inner fender has rust under the battery tray, which is very common. There is also another spot of rust on the inner fender. This rust is not structural and it's easy to fix with a new inner fender. I would just use it as-is, but it's your choice I guess. The other rust is the outer ends of the floor supports. These are open ends, and don't appear to be structural in that spot. These are cheap to buy and somewhat easy to repair. I've done them before myself. I think a beginner could do them easily with a wirefeed welder and a tutorial. The cab corners are fine and were probably replaced when it was painted orange. The hood sticks up a little on the rear of the drivers side. The hood is not bent, I think that hood spring is just weak. You can push it down into place easily but it won't stay there. This truck has a nice professionally built flatbed. It is 8'x10' I believe but I can measure it If you'd like. It has a gooseneck ball under the little metal lid. It also has an EQ hitch. No rust in the flatbed and the wood decking is in good shape.
The interior metal is still white, and it has green interior. A person could paint the dash, doorpanels, and visors with plastic paint. I was going to paint those items black and then just get a black seat cover. I would think new dashpads, door panels, and visors are probably pretty cheap now but I haven't checked the prices. The original floormat is in decent shape. The seat is in good shape and comfortable. The radio looks original and I haven't tried it to see if it works.

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Eureka, Montana, United States

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