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Sale 1984 BMW 6-Series

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1984 BMW 6-Series1984 BMW 6-Series1984 BMW 6-Series

US $23,950.00

Options:Sunroof, Leather Seats
Interior Color:Tan
Body Type:Coupe
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Number of Cylinders:6
Drive Type:RWD
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Exterior Color:White
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Disability Equipped:No
Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $23,950.00
Car location: Santa Barbara, California, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 26.08.2021

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BMW 6-Series. This car has become a highly desirable BMW classic. Some have said it is one of the best looking BMWs ever to be produced. Owed by onlytwo families(including mine) since new it has been pampered since rolling off the production line. Since I purchased it in 2018, I have gone through the car to make sure everything was in tip top shape. I have spent over $15K in restoration since I purchased the car. The original exterior paint has kept its luster and the tan interior leather seats have no tears or cutsReplacements/upgradesA/C receiver dryer, compressor, and condenser have beenreplacedRepaired driveshaft ujoint, replaced shift rod seal, andtransmission input shaft seal Replaced A/C control unitReplaced Heater fan switch/variableReplaced Heater motorReplaced valve cover gasketReplaced tie rod assembly, center link, and Idler arm(right)Replaced brake boosterReplace struts front and shocks absorber rearReplace left rear and right front window motorReplaced sunroof sealReplaced fuel pump gasket and sender sealReplace temp water sensorReplaced idle control unitUpgrade BMW OEM rimsNew Firestone Firehawk tiresRe-leathered BMW sport steering wheelReconditioned speedo and gauge clusterNew JVC stereo systemNew power antennaNew battery Replaced wiper motorReplaced windshield washer pumpNew car coverWith full disclosure, I also wanted to mention a couplethings about the car-The previous owner drove the car with the odometer brokerfor a few hundred miles. To be fair, I will add 1000 miles to what is shown onthe car’s odometer.-Some of the electric seat functions are not currentlyworking. -The trip computer is not working. This is the device thatwould give you information about the car’s travel. -Rear window defrost does not work

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Santa Barbara, California, United States

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