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Sale 1984 Honda City Cabriolet

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1984 Honda City Cabriolet

US $14,900.00

:“Honda City Cabriolet RHD.JDM car recently imported from Japan. Vin: FA-1000229Mileage: 5-digit odometer shows 7,793 (most likely 107,793) km is nearly equal 69,500miles1200cc inline 4 engine. 5 speed manual transmission.-Starts, runs, and idles great with no issues.-All original interior is very good condition-New Good Year Tires-Some small rust spots, easily repairable, nothing detrimental.”Year:1984VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):11111111111111111Mileage:7793Model:City CabrioletVehicle Title:CleanMake:Honda

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Item Location:Long Beach, California, United States

Shipping to: United States

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Sale Price: US $14,900.00
Car location: Long Beach, California, United States
Last update: 21.11.2021

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VIN: FA-[hidden information]
This car comes with a bill of sale and all import docs, NOT a title.Over 25 years old - exempt from FMVSS and EPA and easily registered in most states.All US Duty paid ready to registerComes with following forms:- Japanese de-registration (like title) with notarize English translation & Certificate of Translation
- Customs 7501 - signed- DOT HS-7
- EPA 3520-1- Bill of Lading or WayBill- Import Commercial Invoice
Car is located in Long Beach, California,buyers are welcome to see this car in person.
These vehicles can not be registered in California until brought into California compliance (check your STATE REGULATION, please, before BID).CA buyers can use it on private property, Island, farms – registration is not required.
Call or Text 310-765-009zero
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We reserve the right to end an auction early. Deposit: We require a non-refundable $500 deposit within 24 hours of winning the auction. Please call to make arrangements for payment. We accept the following forms of payment: Cash in person, certified funds, Bank wire. All sales transactions must be completed within 7 calendar days of auction close.
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Long Beach, California, United States

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