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Sale 1985 Xf falcon turbo

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AU $2,125.00

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller

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Sale Price: AU $2,125.00
Car location: sydney, Australia
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 12.09.2021

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For sale modified 1985 XF falcon turn key starts runs and drives wagon unfinished project 90% complete due to lack of funds , timeAnd also don’t have any where to store the car won’t be able to finish the build unfortunately. ignition igniter keeps burning out due to not being tunedFull engine conversion done from a EA AIT FALCON
EngineUngraded springsCopper headgasketModified acl race series pistonsCustom Conrad’sED Full counterweight crankHV Oil pumpACL Race series bearings2x oil catch cans to pass emissionsMasterpowers t64 turboTurbo smart external waste gate 14psi springBov plumped into intakeFront mount inter cooler with 3inch pipingOil coolerFull 3inch exhaustAlloy radiatorWolf 3D v4 ems with handcontrollerAIT EA falcon turbo manifoldWhen tuned engine should make approximately 600hp
Petrol setup with surge tank twin 044 Bosch pumps with 600cc injectors
Driveline/ suspensionBrand new Front springs heavy duty 30mm raisedCustom rear leafsNew shackles and bushesTail shaft hoopRebuilt m78 disc brake diff with torque lock centre and 3.77 spicer gearsT5 gearbox heavy duty clutchOne piece tail shaftFull front end suspension rebuild with brand new brakes and bushes
BodyCustom number plate surround new number plate led lightsRelocated arialNew headlights and taillightsCustom mod grillReverse cowl and bonnet pinsRemoved rear wiperXH falcon mirrorsNew door handlesBody resprayed in Black Forrest green about 3 years ago body has few imperfections and small dents since due to car sitting aroundAll chrome trims painted blackIsolator switch
InteriorBA XR6 seatsNew carpetSports steering wheelShort shifter kitInterior trim resprayedAutotechnica tacho with shift light
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sydney, Australia

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