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Sale 1986 Ford Bronco II Four wheel drive. Locking hubs.

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1986 Ford Bronco II Four wheel drive. Locking hubs.1986 Ford Bronco II Four wheel drive. Locking hubs.1986 Ford Bronco II Four wheel drive. Locking hubs.

US $9,200.00

Engine:6 Cylinders
Options:4 wheel drive. Locking hubs., 4-Wheel Drive, Cassette Player
Sub Model:Eddie Bauer
Power Options:Automatic transmission. Power, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Model:Bronco II
Number of Cylinders:6
Interior Color:Tan
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:Blue
Trim:Four wheel drive. Locking hubs.
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:4WD
Body Type:SUV
:“Absolutely beautiful, exceptional , Eddie Bauer edition Bronco II.“Thumbs up” every time you drive it.”

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Sale Price: US $9,200.00
Car location: Agoura Hills, California, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 26.08.2021

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1986 Ford Bronco II 4X4 Eddie Bauer EditionExtra Clean, Absolutely Beautiful California Rust Free. Low Miles.
Perhaps one of the nicest, cleanest, Bronco II for sale, anywhere. Not only is it rust free and accident free, it is mechanically sound as well. Never abused . Runs and idles perfect. Does not leak, smoke or knock; no funny noises. Brand new rebuilt transmission and rear end. Eddie Bauer edition with Automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, power seats, power windows, power door locks, cruise control. AM/FM radio, center console, 4X4 with locking hubs, sport wheels, luggage rack. Runs absolutely like it was new. Clean, California title. Owners manuals. Great investment. Broncos continue to increase in value every year!
Drivetrain: V6 2.9. Fuel injection. Starts easily, idels and accelerates smoothly. Brand new rebuilt transmission: shifts effortlessly. Brand new rebuilt differential. Near new battery.
Exterior:Blue with Eddie Bauer accent stripes. Finish is beautiful with very few dings. Chrome is in great shape. All glass is good. Has passenger step. Sport wheels with near new tires. Rear swing out spare tire carrier.
Interior: Tan Eddie Bauer interior package. Seats, headliner, carpets, door panels, cargo area, near perfect condition. Dash in perfect condition with wood grain trim. No cracks. All gauges, lights function properly. Air conditioning works as well. Missing ashtray.
I have tried to describe my Bronco accurately and to the best of my ability. Because of its age (35 years old ) it is being Sold AS -IS, Without Warranty, either expressed or implied. If you would like a inspection or have any questions, please do so Prior To Bidding.

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Agoura Hills, California, United States

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