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US $5,600.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Item status:In archive
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: US $5,600.00
Car location: Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 1.07.2021

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2.0 Si - 5 SPEED
When I was growing up in the 70's and 80's and we were looking for our first cars to buy and the cars we wanted were the muscle cars from 60's and early 70's which was the generation before us. We saw muscle cars up on blocks in people's driveways, painted with rattle can primer and rusty Crager SSTs. They were just ghosts of what they once were in their hay days. But as a kid we knew we could buy them cheap and fix them up and make them special once again. But as I was trying to buy one of those cars, these Hondas, Toyotas and Datsuns were really starting to make a name for themselves. As the 90's rolled around those old muscle cars really started taking off in value and became untouchable as the new millenium came upon us. So we started thinking.....does that mean the cars from the 80's are going to be like the cars from the 60's regardless if foreign or domestic.......Nahhhhh!!!!(we thought) Well guess what? They are starting to climb in!!! I couldn't believe what I researched on the value of the 2nd generation Preludes. But it has to have all the right ingredients which this one offered here today does. Please read on to learn about the condition of this 1987 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si with a 5 Speed.
For a 44k mile car this presents exactly how it should. Showing very little wear it shines very well and all panels are straight and line up perfectly. The clear coat is peeling off the black strip on the rear bumper(see video) which indicates to me that the rear bumper may have been painted or at least the back strip was. No signs of any accidents. The tires may be original to the car and the wheels are in excellent original condition. All the glass is excellent and all the lights and marker lights work as they should. There is a tiny ding on the front bumper around the size of a quarter. Underneath of the car is solid and clean with a lot of the original factory stampings and markings. The sunroof also operates like new.
The interior is as new as possible for being 35 years old. The carpet is full and shows hardly any signs of wear. The velvet like seats are stand full and thick with now wear. Everything works except the flasher button is a little sticky, however there is an NOS button that goes with the purchase. Everything else works great. The a/c is cool, but not ice cold, so I would imagine a service would do it justice. The trunk interior is excellent, and I found every gas credit card receipt along with miles written on each one as he filled the tank. Also, some inspection reports from NJ DMV showing mileage and dates passed. There are the original tools along with original spare and hardware. The original owner really did care for his this Honda. Also....I found original NJ Garden State Parkway tokens in the ashtray. Not that they are worth anything but a pretty cool find.
The Drive-Train:
Now, this is where the "right ingredients" come in to play. This car is desirable just because of the condition and mileage, however, when you add to the fact that it is the 2.0 Si model along with the 5 speed if you are adding a car like this to the collection, those are the key features and upgrades you must have. The engine runs excellent and the clutch shifts perfectly. I did have to put a new steering rack in because seals were dry from sitting. I did also rebuild the original alternator. Everything else you see in the photos is 100% stock. The car runs excellent. The timing belt I would assume has not been done since the previous owner passed away before mileage could get to the point the belt needed to be done.
In Summation:
This is car as original as it can be for being a daily drive and used for 44k miles. It comes with all the right documentation and the right features to command a respectful price. Please view all the photos and video at the bottom. (In the video I say 1986 Honda Prelude, but it is in fact a 1987) Thank you
A $1000 non refundable deposit is due by paypal immediately after auction ends. Balance due within 7 days by certified funds. If you can not meet these requirement, please do not bid. I can help with storage if you need to arrange shipping which is the responsibility of the buyer.

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Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States

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