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Sale 1989 Jaguar XJS COUPE ROUGE

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US $22,500.00

Exterior Color:Other
Interior Color:Other
Engine:12 cyl
Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $22,500.00
Car location: Lebanon, Tennessee, United States
For Sale By: Dealer
Last update: 2.10.2021

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Frazier Motorcar Company
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12 cyl
4 spd automatic
sajty584xkc[hidden information]
This 22608 mile Rouge Edition V12 Coupe is one of 212 produced.In 1989 it was written several times that this was the fastest production car(hard to imagine) in 1989 .Nevertheless the Edition is truly a rare low production example.This car is so fresh,new,and crisp that it still has the plastic protection sheet on the entry plate from the factory.
The car is a low mileage unmolested example from out of a Jaguar Collection.
The car has no excuses or items that one needs to apologize for,car reflects the quality and integrity of a new Jaguar on the showroom floor in 1989.
The beautiful magnolia leather looks and feels new in everyway.wood is perfect,headliner is still tight,no warping or cracks on the dash.The gauge panel is clean and still looks new..
Paint is still as new and is original.The run and drive is silky smooth,car has been tended to and looked after as it was needed.
Review the pictures posted,you will agree the car still reflects that of a new crisp,clean 22604 example.
The car is located in our indoor facility 25 miles east of downtown Nashville Tn.Independent inspections are both welcomed and encouraged.
If the car has interest contact Jeff Frazier at [hidden information] or email [hidden information]
The $299 dealer doc fee will be included in a full price transaction.
This and other European Collectibles may Be reviewed at
We require a deposit of $1000 in 24 hours and ask that the car be paid in full within 3 days. Transport is paid for by the customer unless otherwise discussed with Frazier Motorcar Company, but Frazier Motorcar Company is happy to help arrange transportation. All cars are sold AS-IS and Independent Pre-purchase inspections are highly recommended.
201 Pryor Creek Road, Lebanon TN 37090
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Lebanon, Tennessee, United States

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