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Sale 1992 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

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1992 Mercedes-Benz G-Class1992 Mercedes-Benz G-Class1992 Mercedes-Benz G-Class

US $48,600.00

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Convertible

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Sale Price: US $48,600.00
Car location: Tampa, Florida, United States
Last update: 22.07.2021

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PLEASE CALL OR TEXT 813.451.1915
~BUILD IT YOUR WAY~ We can build a custom vehicle of your choice. We specialize in G Wagon & Defenders restorations!
You are viewing a stunning, like new Mercedes G250 Wolf Convertible. This G-Wagen has a Matte Grey Rhino liner finish complimented with a stunning Bordeaux leather upholstered interior. This G has had a bolt off, frame off restoration. You will not find a nicer G250. EVERYTHING on this vehicle has been replaced or refinished. Some but not all of the replaced or remanufactured parts are listed below, it would take me a week to write about everything that was done to this vehicle. This vehicle is not a 2019 it's a 1992, eBay does not recognize the European vin number so we had to use another vin number on eBay. If you have any questions, please call or text Tony at 813.451.1915. All hinges were removed, sand blasted and Powder Coated, dash also removed, sand blasted & powder coated. Comes with a new Black Soft Top.
The G-Wagen Wolf has a front folding windshield.Hutchinson Beadlock Wheels with Toyo Open Country TiresRoll Bar w/ Front Winch
1992 Vin #WDB[hidden information]Engine
Engine removed after testing cylinder compression and oil pressurea All aluminum engine parts vapor blasted, refinished or replaced Powder Coated Valve Cover Cylinder head removed for inspection· Camshaft inspected for wear· Engine block cleaned and prepped· Engine block refinished· Cylinder head disassembled, checked for warpaged, planed· New front and rear crankshaft seals· New cylinder head bolts· New cylinder head gasket· Radiator recored· New oil pan gasket· Timing belt tensioner pulleyTransmission· Removed from vehicle after extensive road function test· Cleaned disassembled & vapor blasted· Internal components inspected to be within specifications· Refinished gearbox housing· New transmission seals· New clutch· New throw-out bearingTransfer Case· Inspected for wear· Housing refinished· Reassembled with new gaskets and seals· Cleaned, disassembled & vapor blastedAxles· Removed from vehicle, sand blasted & powder coated· Differentials disassembled and inspected,sand blasted & powder coated· Axle housings sand blasted, refinished &powder coated· Reassembled with new seals & gaskets installed· Hubs regreased· Replace wheel studs as required· Install new Hutchinson Beadlock wheels and Toyo tires – Balanced and aligned
Brakes· Install new brake hoses· Install new brake lines· Calipers sand blasted, refinished & rebuilt· Drums reconditioned, sand blasted & powder coated· Install new pads & shoes· Install new rotorsBody
· Dismantle and remove body from frame· Remove interior, remove wiring harness, disassemble body and remove from frame· All sheet metal issues addressed· Anti-Corrosive Primer applied· Install new custom interior· Install new window seals and gaskets· Body reinstalled on chassis panels Hand fitted for proper symmetry
Frame· Remove all components from frame· Sand blast frame to bare metal Powder coat frame· Apply anti corrosive primer· Install new brake Lines· Install new fuel lines· Install new body mounts Suspension and Steering· Install new springs· Install new shock absorbers· Install new urethane suspension bushings· Install new tie rod ends· Suspension steering aligned· Install new steering damper
Each truck is fully disassembled down to the frame in preparation for sandblasting. Every single screw, bolt, brake line, and switch is taken apart. This is the only way to ensure no hidden deficiencies exist.At this point, we restore the brake and suspension systems, along with other parts of the driveline. Front and rear suspensions are overhauled; with new absorbers, springs, bushings, and bearings. Calipers are resealed and refurbished. New Pads, rotors, seals, and brake lines are installed. All tanks and fuel lines and removed, replaced, and refinished. Pumps, filters, and lines are replaced.Transmissions and transfer cases are guaranteed to operate correctly. We disassemble and reseal each transmission to make sure any parts that show wear are replaced. Engines, after their initial diagnostics of oil pressure and compression tests, are disassembled and inspected for worn parts. We rebuild what is needed to be rebuilt.Body ShopAll body panels and frames are stripped down to bare metal through a combination of blasting and sanding. After sanding, anti-corrosive treatment is immediately applied followed by multiple coats of primer. After drying in our humidity controlled paint room, the bodies are finished in any paint colour and type that our customers request. Whether you request a factory time-correct finish or a custom matte or rhino-line finish; any effect is possible at this stage.

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Tampa, Florida, United States

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