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Sale 1992 Mitsubishi Diamante

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1992 Mitsubishi Diamante

US $500.00

:“PLEASE READ THE INSPECTION BELOW BEFORE PLACING A BID”Year:1992VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):JA3XC47S7NY033623Mileage:107250Engine:3.0Model:DiamanteDrive Side:Left-hand driveInterior Color:CreamFor Sale By:DealerExterior Color:SilverVehicle Title:CleanNumber of Cylinders:6Transmission:AutomaticDisability Equipped:NoFuel Type:GasolineMake:MitsubishiDrive Type:2WDBody Type:SedanWarranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty





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Sale Price: US $500.00
Car location: New London, Wisconsin, United States
Last update: 29.10.2021

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on 6digit
odometer. Vehicle is exempt from odometer disclosure as vehicle is 10 or more
model years old. Clear WI title with no title brands.
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New London, Wisconsin, United States

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