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Sale 1993 Dodge Ram Wagon Class B camper Van B350

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1993 Dodge Ram Wagon Class B camper Van B350

US $30,000.00

Body Type:Van
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Trim:Class B camper Van B350
Model:Ram Wagon
Number of Cylinders:8
Exterior Color:Orange
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Engine:5.9L Gas V8

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Sale Price: US $30,000.00
Car location: Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 21.09.2021

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Current customer rating: 3/5 based on 6 customer reviews


Runs And Drives Great. Hand Built Remodel last summer. Has Everything you'll need to hit the road for a weekend or for months. Last picture has itemized list of recent repairs, I have receipts for everything as well. This Van is ready to go, I'd feel comfortable driving this beast anywhere, even with its age. This van is truly one of a kind. I have put hundreds of hours into the van so you do not have too, all you have to do is get in and hit the road. Green Michigan Title in hand, waiting for its new home. Have the coolest Rig at the Halloween Campsite. Perfect for a young couple ready to hit the road! Any questions please feel free to ask!
Specs/The GoodInside standing height of 6 feetFull size bed that converts in seconds into a recliner and fold up to expose storage and bench.Running water with 12v pump, 13 gallon fresh tank 13 gallon gray tank. has hose to wash off outsideThe electric system is kinda over kill for my current setup, I've never seen the battery below 90% can easily run a tv, mini fridge ex.It has a 100 AH Battle Born battery, these are the best on the market.The stove is a propane stove with the gas line to a full size propane tank.there us ridged foam installation through out the whole van.The drawer that comes out from under the bed is huge and us supported by 500 pound sliders.The roof racks can support a ton of weight. does not include water toysFront AC and Heat both blow strong and can cool off of heat up the whole van.Tires still have a lot of tread on them.Luxury vinyl black floors"Garage" with a ton of space to store things.
The few draw backsGas gauge and speedometer are faulty. I usually fill up every 150-200 miles with at least a quarter tank left.Paint job looks good from far but far from good. Last owner rolled on paint so I followed suit.Body is pretty clean but has some bumps just adds to the characterThe front seat of the van shows its age, but it is comfy and a blast to driveNo Bathroom but could easy add a cassette toilet.

Contact Details

Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States

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