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Sale 1994 Ford F-150

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1994 Ford F-150

US $11,900.00

Interior Color:White
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:White
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:4WD
Number of Cylinders:8
Body Type:Standard Cab Pickup
:“Exceptional Ford F150 4X4 Pickup Truck, Amazing Condition. Click on Description for more info.”

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Sale Price: US $11,900.00
Car location: Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021

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Standard Cab Long Bed
Half Ton Pickup Truck
Factory Optioned Truck
PDL, Cruise, AC.
you are considering any old school Pickup Truck purchase, just take 2
minutes look at this truck!!
reading the entire ad, if you have any questions call or text Clint
direct [hidden information]
your consideration is an absolutely stunning 1994 Ford F150 Pick up
Truck. The beautiful Base/Clear
White Paint shines at any angle with much depth and gloss.
Undercarriage is just
beautiful. Very clean, original, and straight. No issues, surprises,
holes, rust bubbles, shoddy patch panels, etc. No Undercoat!! Has an
exceptional original finish. You could put mirrors down at car shows
and be proud.
of the chrome, stainless, emblems, and grill are new or redone. They
have all been polished, chromed, or replaced. Tan Interior shows
fantastic. No cracks in the dash or door panels.
rides, drives, and handles better than you would imagine; straight
down the road. I cannot emphasize enough how she rides and drives
like a newer truck. Extremely tight and easy to drive for any size or
aged driver. All of the lights, turn signals, brakes, gauges, etc are
functioning properly. Equipped with the 5.8L V8, and automatic
transmission. 4 wheel drive. Power windows, door locks, cruise, tilt,
air condition, upgraded radio. The truck is absolutely gorgeous
inside and out, top to bottom, and especially underneath! The truck
engine has 109k miles on it. It does have a vibration at higher
speed. Not an engine or transmission issue. Its a wiring or computer
issue. If you have an interest, please give me a call and I can
explain more in detail. Overall, its one of the cleanest, nicest
condition trucks this era you will find for the money.
for viewing, and if you have any questions, just let me know. I have
over 100 more pictures of this car. Call or Text Clint Direct
anytime between 8am – 10pm EST at [hidden information] for more info
or the link to additional pictures.
in Wind Gap, PA 18091 right on Route 512. Minutes from major
routes 78, 80, 22, 33, in Northeast Pennsylvania. We are located
about 70 miles to New York City, and 70 Miles to Philadelphia. 20
minutes from (ABE)- Lehigh Valley International Airport. 70 miles to
(EWR)- Newark or (PHL)- Philadelphia International Airports.
will assist with selling worldwide,
but payment and arrangements are buyer's responsibility. I have used
several shipping companies in the past, and can recommend shippers to
contact. Financing
through JJ Best, or Lightstream, or Woodside Credit, Classic Car
Finance Companies. Just google their sites, or put a dot com after
each of their names.
encourage & welcome pre purchase inspections.
I will work with your inspector, appraiser, mechanic, etc to make you
feel comfortable with your purchase. Vehicle is sold AS-IS,
NO Warranties Expressed or Implied. I
have a clean clear title for this vehicle. If you have less than 5
feedback, please email prior to bidding. Please
ask any questions prior to bidding. Don't
assume anything.
This is a legal binding contract. If you are the winning bidder, you
are obligated to complete the purchase. You are not bidding on the
opportunity to come and look at the vehicle and decide if you want to
purchase the item! Also, please have all financing or funds in place
prior to bidding. In other words, ask your wife first!! $1,000.00
Deposit due within 24 hours of auction close. Balance due within 7
days of auction close. PLEASE NOTE:
If you pay by a certified check, vehicle WILL NOT be released until
funds have cleared my banking institution!! Which typically takes 7
days. Small
Business Disclaimer : I am not Walmart. I do
accept returns within 30 of days with a receipt. All sales are final
and AS-IS with No Warranties.
I will assist with
selling worldwide, but payment and
arrangements are buyer’s
responsibility. I have used several shipping companies in the past,
and can recommend shippers to contact, or can be arranged right
through ebay and their recommended carriers. I assume no
responsibility to any shipping company. That is worked out between
the buyer and the carrier.
Contact Clint at [hidden information] for more info.

Contact Details

Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, United States

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