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Sale 1994 Nissan UD

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1994 Nissan UD1994 Nissan UD1994 Nissan UD

US $4,950.00

Fuel Type:Diesel
Sub Model:1400
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Cab & Chassis
:“Low Miles Engine and Transmission are good running rich needs a service being sold as is needs to be transported tags are expired in California and its running but needs service Title is clean”

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Sale Price: US $4,950.00
Car location: El Cajon, California, United States
For Sale By: Private Seller
Last update: 27.08.2021

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This Trucks Motor and Transmission are good very low original miles it has been sitting along time. California has new laws regarding older Diesel Trucks tags are past due and it runs rich definitely needs a service its running but really needs to be transported to a State other then California for service and Registration being sold as is Buyer is responsible for arranging pick up of Vehicle its located in Lakeside Ca near Barona Casino in San Diego County if you have any questions call Tom [hidden information] or Pete [hidden information]

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El Cajon, California, United States

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