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1995 caterham 7 supersport 1.4 k series For Sale

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Vehicle Type:Performance Vehicle
Modified Item:No
Engine Size:1.4
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Country/Region of Manufacture:United Kingdom
Reg. Date:19951011
Previous owners (excl. current):1
V5 Registration Document:Present
Body Type:Convertible
Independent Vehicle Inspection:Yes
Drivetrain:2 WD
Item status:In archive
Item status:In archive

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Sale Price: £6,934.00
Car location: dalmellington, United Kingdom
Last update: 8.07.2020

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NO RESERVEIm selling my factory built caterham 1.4 supersport. 5 speed .De dion.Fitted with heater, plus heated screen . Spare wheel and carrier.I bought it 2 years ago after it had been in storage for 20 years !. The owner bought it new , factory built from caterham and used it for 1 year then stuck it in his garage due to health issues. It has only covered 3000 miles. When i bought it i didnt start the engine until i had completed the following . I have Changed all the fluids, fully serviced the engine with premium oil plugs and filter. New Sump foam , timing belt and water pump. Fuel tank removed and cleaned , new fuel pump , sender unit and filter. Injectors removed and cleaned. Calipers serviced and new brake pads. Removed the old radiator and fitted an aluminium one . New thermostat. All electrical connections cleaned . I have the original books and keys and a folder with all the invoices. Fitted with an immobiliser. It still has original paint and has a few chips scuffs and blemishes. Some corrosion on the aluminium panels. Was going to respray it, but will leave it for the new owner. Still has the original wheels and tyres . Tyres will need changed as they have cracks on the tread and wheels could be doing with a refurb as the powder coating is peeling . Has full weather kit with it but i have not tested it on the car . I also bought a half hood for it . Full doors and perspex deflectors. Currently MOT'D until end of August .the car drives well. Paintwork is all original , the bonnet has some alloy corrosion from being stored off the car . The paint is flaking on the engine cover . Leather seats are good condition. A genuine low mileage car ready for the summer .
Can be driven as it is or spent some time and money on paintwork and tyres and it will be an excellent reliable car.Please call me on [hidden information]. Located in ayrshire scotland ka67.Viewing recommended.Selling as i rarely use it and have a few other classics ,so thinning my collection.

Contact Details

dalmellington, United Kingdom

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