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Sale 1996 Mitsubishi 3000 Gt SL

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1996 Mitsubishi 3000 Gt SL

US $13,500.00

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Sale Price: US $13,500.00
Car location: Orlando, Florida, United States
Last update: 21.11.2021

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Recently resprayed and vinyl wrapped some body panels and rear wing. Fixed small scratches and spidering as well as some CFRP cracking from the Florida sun. The wing was resprayed in the same black and the hood was refinished to pull the yellowing out. Can provide fresh pictures if interested, but old pictures are provided from previous listing. Currently cleaning up the engine bay, respraying plenum, valve cover, and cleaning up some rust and replacing components that are just old.As far as the bads go, there isn't much. Sometimes the CEL comes on, but it's usually for a general misfire, but plugs have all been swapped, MAF cleaned, wires are new and good compression on each cylinder. It comes and goes, so not sure if it's an air/fuel ratio thing, but it doesn't affect the ride. The clutch is pretty sticky, so driving around is not fun in parking lots/garages, wanted to build for more power, but never had the time to install a turbo, but the clutch will be ready for it. The speedometer is also off, but will be replacing the sensor so it reads correct, right now anything around 70 and it says you're only doing 25mph.If you have any questions just message me and I'll be willing to answer. It's a great car and in good shape for the year, I've just prioritized work and school and haven't had too much time for it. Still put in work here and there, but looking to move out of state after graduation and it will be a pain to move all the vehicles I already have.-Top end rebuild done in 2015-3rd Gen lifters (3mm)-VR4 injectors installed (360cc)-Upgraded clutch, but I can't find any of the paperwork, butit's stiff at low rpm for the power the car is putting out, but not unbearable-ECU replacement, still stock, just remanufactured with newcapacitors from 3SX (OEM had the usual leaky capacitors)-Custom cat-back exhaust, 2.5" the whole way back, has good deep notes, but isn't a fart can-Megan Racing sport coil over suspension with 36 wayadjustable damping (12kg/mm up front and 8kg/mm in the rear), lowered 1" from stock-Drilled and slotted rotors with ceramic pads from Powerstop-17" Motegi Racing Traklites w/ Sumitomo HTRs-3SX lightweight one piece crank pulley and 3SX poly motormounts-New alternator, grounds, terminal clamps and battery-Custom cold air intake with bypass filter in engine bay,still includes MAF-Cipher Euro reclining bucket seats-Real Seibon carbon fiber hood w/ "Bomex" style bodykit from VIS Racing (new front bumper fitted in main picture)-Double DIN stereo with Bluetooth and GPS, maps areoutdated, but Bluetooth works fine for your phone. Infinity speakers replacedthe factory door speakers-CV axles replaced in 2016-All fluids serviced with Amsoil lubricants (engine oil, coolant, transmission) at manufacturer recommended intervals-Undercarriage LED kit (red with different light settings)-Still has creature comforts like AC and power steeringProbably still more to mention, but this is the majority ofthe big stuff. I bought the car in Georgia and it's lived some more life down in Florida. So the paint isn't always perfect, but I did my best at keeping up with it. The car is driven and not garage kept, so it's not going to be the most perfect looking, but I've put money on paint or vinyl to keep up with fading, cracking, and spidering. I've replaced parts as they go bad or when I wanted something better. I'm not looking to make any amount of the money I've put in. I'm open for negotiations if you're really going to enjoy the car and not just let it sit in a garage, but it's also been one of my favorite projects. It was one of my favorite cars growing up and playing Gran Turismo and seeing the GTO while in Okinawa. That's probably everything, take a look and shoot me a message if you're interested. The worst I can say is no.

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Orlando, Florida, United States

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