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Sale 1996 Nissan GT-R

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1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale
1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale1996 Nissan GT-R for Sale

US $95,000.00

Vehicle Title:Clean

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Sale Price: US $95,000.00
Car location: London, United Kingdom
Last update: 13.01.2021

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Up for a sale is my 1996 Tommy Kaira R. For those who do not know, it is a limited edition R33 GT-R by the famous Tommy Kaira tuning shop in Japan. The car has the complete kit which is listed below - There were only 50 versions of this made and so this is a very rare model. This will be 25yrs old in July 2021.
The complete package for a Tommy Kaira 'R' version of the GTR was around $40k equivalent at the time in the 1990s. I have the original Tommy Kaira brochure for the car that details all of the parts that were available.
I've owned this car for a number of years as I'm a JDM collector but now need to downsize due to lack of space. This car was not bought at auction and was personally imported by a contact after I saw it on Goo-net. VIN can be provided if needed (dummy one on the advert)
The mileage is around 65kms / just under 40k miles which is very low. It has not been modified since being at Tommy Kaira so remains a 'standard 'R' . Since being in the UK it has been fully serviced by a well known Skyline Specialist (inc. cam belt and clutch replacement).In addition to the usual GT-R spec, the Tommy Kaira specific items are as follows :
- Tommy Kaira bodykit (comprising Carbon rear spoiler, carbon rear light surround, side skirts, Tommy Kaira Decals/Emblems and front and rear bumper)- Tommy Kaira 18-inch, 3-piece, split-rims - Tommy Kaira Interior comprising bucket seats, steering wheel, gear knob, gauge clusters (inc. 10,000 RPM tacho) and in the centre console three gauges in a carbon-fiber surround, detailing boost pressure, oil temperature, torque distribution between the front and rear wheels
Performance modifications that I know of:
- Tommy Kaira ECU- Tommy Kaira Turbos- Tommy Kaira Intercooler and radiator- Tommy Kaira Air intake- Tommy Kaira Clutch- Tommy Kaira Strut Brace- Tommy Kaira Exhaust- Tommy Kaira (Ohlins) Coilover suspension
Any questions please let me know. This is a chance to buy an extremely rare R33 and is a good investment  - Try finding another!
UK Registration document will be included along with all other documentation from Japan. No offers please.
Worldwide shipping is included for the buy it now price. If you are a Tommy Kaira fan I do have some others that I can sell also (R32 M20, GC8 M20b and Legacy Tb)

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